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Gary Cardenas

We believe in empowering our experts to create strategic solutions and develop leading edge technology that strengthens our clients and sets the standard for service in the logistics industry.

ProTrans is a global supply chain management provider that specializes in Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Freight Consolidation, and Custom Software services. ProTrans is committed to creating innovative, unique, and data-driven solutions that reduce your logistics spend and increase overall efficiency. We do this by conducting a detailed analysis that guides the creation of your strategic plan. We then manage your movements from A to Z and give you the software to see everything and make strategic decisions. All throughout, we are dedicated to finding new savings opportunities to continuously improve your supply chain.

With 29+ years of experience we have seen it all and have created a strong network filled with trusted partnerships, strategic locations, and consistent capacity. We are headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and have 30+ locations in North America and over 300 affiliated locations worldwide.

ProTrans Solutions

  • Turnkey Third-Party Logistics (3PL): Our 3PL solutions, including supply chain management, supply chain design, transportation procurement, and route management, are designed to fulfill the increasingly complex demands of today’s logistics.
  • Optimization through Consolidation: We move more of your materials with fewer trucks, reducing your carbon footprint while keeping costs down and efficiencies high.
  • Optimization through Pool Distribution: Our pool distribution solutions are an extended option available to provide cost savings in your supply chain. Our flexible network allows us to receive, validate, and inventory your goods for final delivery in a particular geographic region, thereby greatly reducing redundant shipping costs and unnecessary handling.
  • Unplanned/Expedited Freight Management: ProTrans Freight Management solutions move your freight in the necessary time frames with real-time visibility by using dedicated teams focused on monitoring and tracking your loads.
  • Comprehensive Materials Management: Flexible warehousing solutions that respond to your unique inventory and fulfillment needs.
  • Simplified Cross Border Processing: Multiple validation and verification options for when you need to move inventory across the border.
  • Intellectual Talent: ProTrans’ overall success lies in our people. We’ve made a full commitment to our Talent Development Program, an in-depth program covering all departments in our company.

8311 N. Perimeter Road
Indianapolis, IN 46241