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John Leach

John Leach

Chief Executive Officer

Since our humble beginnings in 1987 in Montreal, Canada, our team of logistics experts has been driven by a single shared goal: delivering every load on time, with the least amount of headaches. It’s what shippers want. It’s what carriers want. And it’s what we deliver.



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FLS Transportation

Every load covered. No sweat.

At FLS Transportation Services, we care about your freight. This mindset sets us apart and has earned us a place among the Top 50 Freight Brokerage Firms in North America and the distinction as the #1 3PL for cross-border freight.

In an industry dominated by a lack of differentiation, we strive to be different with our 3-point customer agreement plan:

3X Support:

Of course, you need 24/7/365 service. But, we take it a step further. It’s one point of contact supported by 3 teams. We call it 3X Support. Every customer has access to a sales executive for lane quotes, a customer success rep for tracking and tracing, and a dispatch crew for carrier communications—3X the support for immediate service. You’re going to love it.

Proven carrier compliance:

A 0.001% claims rate. The number says it all. Our proven carrier compliance works. Behind the scenes, we put our carriers through a rigorous approval process and monitor daily performance & safety ratings. This is our commitment to you…your freight is always moved by appropriately insured and bonded carriers, providing you with the safety and reliability you need.

Guaranteed fair prices:

We’ve been doing this for 36 years. That’s 3 decades of insights into equipment types, carriers, and lane history. This knowledge, combined with our network of 54,000 carriers, ensures you’ll get a fair price on every load. And let’s face it, we’ve done so well because we have this part right.

Our base of 54,000 carriers and 400,000 trucks ensures that we continually meet this promise. Thirty-six years, 400+ employees, and 17 offices across North America later, we still take great pride in saying: Every Load Covered. No Sweat.

If you need freight delivered in North America, contact us for a quote today!

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