FLS Transportation

John Leach

John Leach

Chief Executive Officer

Our team of logistics experts are driven by a single shared goal: delivering every load on time, with the least amount of headaches. It’s what shippers want. It’s what carriers want…

And it’s what we deliver.

54,000 Carriers

37 Years in business

18 North American offices

24/7/365 Highly Responsive Customer Service and Solutions

Advanced Technology
Real-time Tracking Visibility

Every Load Type Covered

FLS Transportation

At FLS Transportation Services, we care about your freight as much as you do. This mindset sets us apart and propelled us to be a Top 50 Freight Brokerage Firm in North America and earned us distinction as the #1 3PL for Cross-border Freight.

Competitive Pricing Guaranteed

We have almost four decades of lane history data, carrier relationships, and equipment-type insights that allow us to keep prices competitive. This knowledge, combined with our network of 54,000 carriers and 400,000 trucks, ensures you’ll get a fair price on every load.

Bonded, Safe & Proven Carrier Compliance

We put our carriers through a rigorous approval process and monitor daily performance and safety ratings. Your freight is always moved by appropriately insured and bonded carriers, providing you with the safety and reliability you need.

If you need freight delivered in North America, contact us for a quote today!


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