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Category: E-Commerce

2020 Ecommerce Fulfillment Trends Report

Also listed in: 3PL, Fulfillment

86% of ecommerce merchants sell through multiple online sales channels according to Saddle Creek's new survey. Download their new in-depth report exploring network configuration, technology solutions, delivery options, fulfillment outsourcing and more.

Take Command of Demand with Retail Solutions

Also listed in: 3PL, Retail Logistics

Consumer purchases used to be limited to what retailers had on their shelves. E-commerce means everything is in stock, and retailers are shifting gears to chase demand. Learn how retailers can optimize their supply chains by working with providers to craft timely forecasts, identify efficiency improvements and modify plans as needed using diverse services and technologies

Restructuring Business Models to Satisfy the E-commerce Effect 

Also listed in: Logistics IT

Supply chain professionals everywhere are grappling with the challenges e-commerce has presented. Companies need to find strategic solutions to restructure their business models to accommodate these changes — but where should they begin? This white paper takes an in-depth look at the disruption of e-commerce in the supply chain by examining different markets and processes to offer suggestions for adaptation and prosperity.

The Future of Fulfillment 

Also listed in: Fulfillment

In response to today’s online-buying, smartphone-wielding consumer who expects a seamless, faster purchasing journey, Zebra Technologies Corporation’s Future of Fulfillment Vision study reveals that 78 percent of logistics companies expect to provide same-day delivery by 2023 and 40 percent anticipate delivery within a two-hour window by 2028. Download the study for more details on how manufacturers, transportation and logistics firms, and retailers are preparing to meet the growing needs of the on-demand economy.

Don't Just Get in the Game, Win it with the Right Shipping Plays

Also listed in: 3PL, Last Mile/Final Mile, Package Delivery

Global e-commerce is driving unprecedented shipping volumes across a number of industries as consumers expect more for less. As a result, third-party logistics companies (3PLs) are taking center stage as businesses seek guidance from experts who can help them navigate the carrier capacity crunch, spend less time and money on shipping, and spend more time focusing on their core business. Download the The 3PL Parcel Shipping Playbook to find the best plays to help shippers from all industries ship better globally from the first mile to the last inch.

How Does Your Returns Process Affect Your Retail Business?

Also listed in: Retail Logistics, Reverse Logistics

E-commerce has changed the way consumers shop and put a completely new spin on retail. To differentiate themselves in an ever-competitive market, retailers have chosen to focus on making the returns process faster and easier for consumers. But is it working? Inbound Logistics Publisher Keith Biondo, sits down with Brian Bourke of SEKO Logistics to talk about the new retail landscape and how to have many happy returns.

How to Prepare Your 3PL for the Holidays

Also listed in: 3PL, Retail Logistics

The months leading up to the holiday season can be among the busiest times of year for your 3PL warehouse. Taking the time to ensure your operations are in good shape can provide you with the opportunity to prove how valuable you are to your customers when they need it most. This ebook outlines necessary key steps to optimizing the momentum of the holiday season, including: securing your customer connections, tuning up your e-commerce engines, stepping up your fulfillment game, and locking down your partner relationships. Download this free ebook to learn how your 3PL can get a jump-start on preparing for the holiday rush.

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When It Comes to eComm Why Reinvent the Wheel?

Also listed in: Fulfillment

Flexibility is Key to eComm Fulfillment. As eCommerce fulfillment evolves two things are clear, 1) supply chain must revolve around a consumer who has many buying options, and 2) success comes from flexible and adaptable supply chains. We partnered with Adrian Gonzalez of Talking Logistics on this brief 2-part series.

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Winning the Battle for eCommerce Last-Mile Excellence

Also listed in: Transportation

Amazon is driving consumer delivery expectations. Their delivery services are not just the gold standard, they re THE standard by which other retailers are judged. Amazon is the reason people now think 2-day-and-under delivery times are no longer expedited service;  they re expected service. So what's a retailer not named Amazon to do? Make your last mile your best mile. Last-mile service is truly the make-or-break part of a transaction. When a customer is either pleased with delivery services or disappointed if something goes wrong, the appreciation (or the blame) goes not to the logistics provider but to the retailer. There are a host of options and strategies to improve last-mile service, but to make your last-mile service a true competitive advantage, you ll need two things: technology and the right logistics provider. Find out more by downloading this free whitepaper.

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