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Category: Global Trade

The Countdown to Prepare for Brexit

Also listed in: Customs Compliance/Duty Drawback

Are you ready for the UK’s departure from the EU? The impact of Brexit on your supply chain could be unpredictable at best, with disruptions and accidental non-compliance as a direct result from ever-changing trade customs rules. It’s time to take the complication out of trade compliance. Discover the world’s most complete source of trade content powered by Cloud Logistics and learn how you can protect your company from Brexit's trade challenges and potential fines in less than 24 hours!

AAEI Trade Trends Report 

Also listed in: Global Logistics, Logistics IT

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, and along with it is an influx of global trade troubles. As the challenges continue to stack against you, consider this: How can you leverage technology to overcome emerging and enduring global supply chain management risks? With insights from top industry experts, it’s time to reevaluate your strategy for global supply chain execution

The Top 6 Global Supply Chain Expectations for 2019

Also listed in: Global Logistics, Supply Chain Execution

It's a new year for global trade: erratic trade policies, sourcing shifts, transportation woes…what else does 2019 have in store for supply chains? And how does your company plan to prepare? With insights and predictions from top industry experts, let's navigate the future route of global trade together! Learn why Collaboration, Automation, and Data Analytics are such critical capabilities for your supply chain moving forward.

Understanding Customs: Anti-Dumping and Countervailing

Also listed in: Global Logistics

The current administration has made it clear that "dumping the exporting of goods and manufactured materials into the United States at below fair-trade value will not be tolerated." As a result, more importers will be caught with unwelcome tariffs that may double the cost of items imported. The responsibility for dumping tariffs will fall on the importer, so it's critical to partner with a logistics provider that has the resources, experience, and customs expertise to navigate these sometimes very tricky waters. Download this whitepaper to understand the subject, and determine your potential liability.

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Strategies to Build a More Efficient Automotive Supply Chain in China

Also listed in: Global Logistics

China represents tremendous opportunities for automakers and the companies that serve them. There are specific qualities that companies should seek in a qualified logistics provider to grasp their best opportunities. This whitepaper explains the top logistics challenges for the automotive industry in China, and how logistics providers can support automotive companies in China.

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Wide Open: How the Panama Canal Expansion is Redrawing the Logistics Map 

Also listed in: Global Logistics

How will the Panama Canal expansion in 2016 impact logistics? You'll find the answers in this new whitepaper, published by C.H. Robinson in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group. Among the paper's conclusions: The expansion could shift 10 percent of container traffic between East Asia and the United States from West Coast ports to East Coast ports; the battleground on which U.S. ports compete for customers will move several hundred miles west, to a region that accounts for more than 15 percent of GDP; and shippers and carriers will have to adapt their strategies and operations as logistics grow more complex.

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Cost Model Analysis an Essential Step Toward Mexico Manufacturing Success

Also listed in: Global Logistics

Manufacturers in the process of selecting new locations in Mexico for their operations need a full understanding of costs to take advantage of the benefits of manufacturing in the country. This whitepaper covers: the benefits of a cost model, an overview of elements included in a cost model and insight into the types of costs manufacturers should plan for, insight into true costs in Mexico, the importance of customizing each cost model, and a review of the factors that make Mexico cost-advantageous compared to other global manufacturing locations.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Transforming U.S. Trade

Also listed in: Global Logistics

When it comes to global economic competitiveness, the United States is not as strong as it once was. To help mitigate this trend, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has made transforming customs procedures to better align with modern business practices a priority. The Centers of Excellence and Expertise (CEEs) are an integral part of those efforts. This whitepaper examines what the CEEs mean for importers and brokers, what changes they can expect, and how the CEEs might enable more streamlined and efficient customs processes in the future.

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Can JIT and Global Sourcing Strategies Co-exist? Understanding the Transformational Power of Cloud-based Supply Chain Visibility in Global Manufacturing

Also listed in: Global Logistics

Just-in-time inventory strategies are at odds with global sourcing, but the two can coexist with the right technology. A cloud-based supply chain platform can mitigate the risk of sourcing globally without weighing down the supply chain with excess inventory and costs. Learn how cloud can:

  • Reduce buffer stock with in-transit visibility
  • Reallocate to meet changing demand requirements
  • Avoid hidden costs along the supply chain route
  • Reduce emergency expediting costs

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