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Category: Transportation

5 Signs You Need a New Training Provider

Also listed in: HazMat

Training to handle, manage, and ship dangerous chemicals is not a rote exercise intended to “check a box.” When a mistake can lead to serious injury, death, evacuations, hospitalizations, highway closures, and lasting environmental contamination-training for personnel must meet higher standards for quality, accuracy, and knowledge retention.

HazMat Autocomplete Challenge:  Part 2

Also listed in: Bulk: Liquid-Dry, HazMat

In Part 2 of this Hazmat Autocomplete Series, hazmat trainer Flip De Rea gives unscripted answers to five more of the web’s most-asked questions about hazardous materials compliance.

2019 North American Carrier Survey

Also listed in: Trucking

What are carriers saying about the current capacity, pricing and technology situation in the North American logistics market? Carriers across the U.S., Canada and Mexico weigh in on the current economic events that are influencing pricing developments and having the highest impact on their businesses in 2019. Download the results of the most comprehensive survey among North American carriers to see just how much the landscape has shifted over the last year.

Hub Group Keeps You Ahead of the Pack During Peak Season

Also listed in: Transportation Mgmt/Freight Mgmt, Trucking

Some shippers cringe at the mere thought of peak season, and it’s no wonder why: Retailers and CPG manufacturers have a lot riding on peak running smoothly. Find out steps to take with your providers before and during peak to be ready for surges and minimize costs. Download now.

The Ultimate RFP Checklist for Shippers

Also listed in: Transportation Mgmt/Freight Mgmt, Trucking

Hey Shippers! Learn how to find the right freight partners, download The Ultimate RFP Checklist. It's your ticket to managing bids, awarding lanes & reducing costs. 

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Beyond Transportation Savings: Leverage Freight and Parcel Audit Data to Unlock Business Insights

Also listed in: Freight Payment/Audit Services

Most companies understand the importance of having reliable freight and parcel audit providers. What they may not understand, however, is how these services can improve strategies and results. Leveraging data provided by transportation insights is the key to unlocking valuable information and shining a light on weak spots in your supply chain. enVista’s latest whitepaper introduces the steps needed to make the most of your freight and parcel audit data, so you can reap the benefits of informed business decisions.

Enhancing Container Visibility

Also listed in: 3PL, Supply Chain Visibility

To increase savings, business leaders must concentrate on the total cost of the supply chain, rather than just transportation prices. The right company acts like a business partner and takes into consideration transportation, operations and inventory costs to help a network operate more efficiently. What is your transportation and logistics provider doing for you? What should they be doing?

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The Logistics Transport Evolution: The Road Ahead

Also listed in: Trucking

Now more than ever, ground transportation is a strategic component of business success as seen by respondents to a worldwide survey conducted by DHL Supply Chain. Three quarters of companies surveyed indicated that investing in improving ground transportation will positively impact their sales, and they are willing to pay for and partner with 3PLs for value-added services that can show a measurable ROI.

Why Monitor the Container Freight Market All Year Round?

Also listed in: Ocean

If you monitor the container freight market only in the RFP season, you’re doing it all wrong. Watch this webinar and learn what you should really focus on to instantly gain a competitive advantage. You’ll learn how to stay ahead of the market and not miss out on opportunities by monitoring the market only in the RFP period; how to make sure your cargo is not at risk of being short shipped; how to implement monitoring strategies, shown live on the Far East to North Europe trade lane; and how to derive useful and actionable information from real-time freight rate data.

Carrier Snapshot Report 

Also listed in: Trucking

In September 2018 Convoy surveyed over 650 small and mid-sized trucking companies across the United States to collect a snapshot of the industry. Read the highlights to learn how you can optimize your supply chain to be a Shipper of Choice with carriers. 

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July 2019 Cover

Full Digital Issue

July 2019

(245 pages • 40.1 MB PDF)

January 2019 Cover

Full Digital Issue

January 2019

(436 pages • 131.4 MB PDF)

2019 Logistics Planner Cover

Digital Edition

2019 Logistics Planner

(121 pages • 31.1 MB PDF)

Top 100 3PL Providers Cover

Digital Edition

Top 100 3PL Providers

(19 pages • 0.81 MB PDF)

2019 Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards Cover

Digital Edition

2019 Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards

(8 pages • 1.1 MB PDF)