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Category: Trucking

Fixing Failed Deliveries

Also listed in: Transportation, Transportation & Freight Management

With high e-commerce growth comes certain challenges, such as late or failed deliveries, which are often caused by inaccurate address information. Download this whitepaper to uncover the true impact failed deliveries are having on your business. Plus, discover top tips to optimize the customer experience and stamp out failed deliveries for good.

Also from Loqate:

Toronto Area Trucking Company | Cargo Carrier Montreal

Also listed in: Fleet Management, Transportation

President Dave Cox and chief technology officer Dave Brajkovich talk about Polaris Transportation's technology investments and how employees have embraced change. "Being comfortable with being uncomfortable" is the new norm as technology advances and continues to make a positive impact on the company's employees and customer experience

Fact or Fiction: Temperature-Controlled Shipping

Also listed in: Moisture & Temperature Control, Refrigerated Warehousing, Transportation

A recent study says that supply chain mishaps cause 40% of food waste in North America. Much of this waste can be avoided by understanding the intricacies of temperature-controlled shipping. Learn about the many misconceptions to set the record straight—after all, an informed supply chain is a successful supply chain. Download this e-book to take control of your operations.

Also from C.L. Services:

Why enterprise shippers everywhere are demanding Instant Prebate for truckload RFPs

Also listed in: Transportation & Freight Management, Trucking-TL

Every year, North American shippers spend an estimated $7 billion on truckload freight that ships with empty space. Is your business one of them? If your organization uses traditional TL RFPs, it might be. Because the standard TL RFP process bases freight rates on a fixed-cost model (rather than load size), shippers pay for more space than their freight needs and trucks move half-empty. This makes no sense, especially when there’s another option. Flock Freight’s alternative to TL RFPs is Instant Prebate. Flock Freight’s Instant Prebate program accounts for load size and gives you a discount on your TL rate every time your freight doesn’t fill a trailer all the way. Download this white paper to see why Instant Prebate is a more efficient, affordable, and sustainable choice than the common TL RFP process.

The Complete KPI Worksheet for Shippers 

Also listed in: Sourcing & Negotiations, Transportation


As a shipper, you know every mile, every load, every dollar counts. This is where KPIs or Key Performance Indicators come in. KPIs help you determine whether your carriers and transportation partners are delivering the most value for your buisness. The Complete KPI Worksheet for Shippers is the gold standard for carrier scorecards. Shippers can use this template to monitor performance, control costs, and benchmark their carrier network. Download now.

The Master List of Accessorials for Shippers

Also listed in: 3PL, Transportation & Freight Management

To help cover all your bases, FLS Transportation Services together this Master List of Accessorial Charges. It covers the 28 fees every shipper must address before tendering loads. Avoid unnecessary freight costs and strengthen carrier relationships.

Also from FLS Transportation:

The New Economics of Freight Brokerage

Also listed in: Freight Forwarding, Transportation & Freight Management

Defining the new economics of #freightbrokerage. With the swings in capacity, availability and rates of today’s freight brokerage, this whitepaper sets out to better define the #truckload marketplace, carriers and their assets and the role of technology and data in the new economics of freightbrokerage

2019 North American Carrier Survey

Also listed in: Transportation

What are carriers saying about the current capacity, pricing and technology situation in the North American logistics market? Carriers across the U.S., Canada and Mexico weigh in on the current economic events that are influencing pricing developments and having the highest impact on their businesses in 2019. Download the results of the most comprehensive survey among North American carriers to see just how much the landscape has shifted over the last year.

Hub Group Keeps You Ahead of the Pack During Peak Season

Also listed in: Transportation, Transportation & Freight Management

Some shippers cringe at the mere thought of peak season, and it’s no wonder why: Retailers and CPG manufacturers have a lot riding on peak running smoothly. Find out steps to take with your providers before and during peak to be ready for surges and minimize costs. Download now.

U.S.-Canada: Going the Distance

Also listed in:

For all the political rhetoric on the international stage, the relationship between the United States and Canada remains extraordinarily civil and cooperative.

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