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Steve Reid

Steve Reid


Bender Group combines a small business approach with innovative and technology-based logistics solutions to help companies of all sizes improve their supply chain systems, from the manufacturing source through delivery to multiple distribution channels.

We sincerely believe in…

  • Keeping our Promises
  • It Ought to Be Fun to Go to Work
  • Listening
  • Actively seeking responsibility
  • Communicating in a straight line

Bender Group

Founded in 1945 by Edwin S. Bender in Reno, Nevada, Bender Group has 75 years of experience in Supply Chain expertise. For almost three quarters of a century, Bender Group has provided outstanding logistics services to customers of every size and kind.

Starting with 60,000 square feet of space, Bender Group has continued to expand to over a million square feet with operations in Nevada, Virginia, and California. Bender Group offers a variety of warehouse and distribution services, international customs brokerage and freight forwarding and a complete transportation network including domestic brokerage, less-than-truckload, truckload and small parcel services.

Distribution and Omni-channel Fulfillment

Bender Group’s chief focus is providing flexible distribution and fulfillment center solutions along with any related value added activities at a competitive price. We have the physical operations, information systems, customer service and expertise to handle the most complex distribution requirements including omni-channel fulfillment. With bicoastal fulfillment facilities, Bender Group offers delivery service to 99.6% of the US population within 1-3 days delivery.


Whether you need national or regional LTL service via our core carriers, airfreight, or small package carriers or are interested in private fleet conversion, Bender Group can help you organize and streamline your transportation needs to give you the cost-effective, on-time delivery of goods to meet your business needs.


Bender Group offers the full complement of services required to manage the global supply chain, including customs brokerage and freight forwarding, import and export services, and value-added expert consultation services. Bender Group knows what is required to navigate the ever-changing world of trade and tariffs, while helping you make the strategic decisions necessary to compete on the world stage.

Information Technology

When CIOs are surveyed on what would improve their development or supply chain process, the overwhelming answer is increased visibility throughout their pipeline. Bender Group provides you with state-of-the-art systems, order processing, and communications systems to help you maintain clear visibility of your inventory and transactions from anywhere.

Why Bender Group?

Our company culture fosters proactivity, accountability, and execution. As a result, our logistics professionals have a deep sense of responsibility and empowerment to meet or exceed our clients’ supply chain requirements. Bender Group has the agility to quickly implement intelligent ideas and technology, effectively addressing the ever-changing dynamics of a company’s supply chain.

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