Clark Freight Lines Inc.

Danny R. Schnautz and David P. Schnautz

Danny R. Schnautz and David P. Schnautz

President and VP

Your Total Logistics Solution
Our company is owned by two of the founding employees, brothers David and Danny Schnautz. We both had years of full-time truck-driving, maintain our CDLs, and still stay in the seat to move an occasional load to stay connected to every level of the industry.

Proudly Serving American Industry Since 1987

Celebrating 30 years of safe, quality trucking
We have low turnover among our drivers and staff, which lets us excel in relationships with
customers and vendors.

Business of the Year
We were the Business of the Year for the Pasadena Texas Chamber of Commerce for 2021. We also have a 30+ year legacy of sponsoring many groups by hauling loads, sponsoring teams, giving donations, and showing up at community events. We have our ‘wall of plaques’ that is part of the evidence of this—a rotating wall of pride.

Clark Freight Lines Inc.

Clark Freight Lines has been providing safe, high-quality service to customers across the United States for more than 30 years.

Clark-affiliated companies have furnished these same services since 1963 while retaining many of the same customers for this entire span. We are proud that many of our drivers— along with their sons and other family members—have been a part of Clark for decades and their service still endures.

Providing a Diverse Range of Services and Equipment

Along with being a leader in intermodal trucking, we also provide a diverse range of services to shippers across the country.

We maintain a wide array of intermodal equipment to supplement and support our customers’ needs to ensure their freight can be moved in a timely and efficient manner.

If your load is time sensitive, hazmat, or has temperature-controlled needs, you’ve come to the right place.
Services and equipment available to our customers include flatbeds, vans, specialized trailers, and a large, continuously expanding fleet of intermodal chassis.

Our Mission for Safety

Our Safety Team reviews and maintains up-to-date knowledge of the U.S. Federal, State, and Local Regulations to ensure everyone at Clark Freight Lines, Inc. is kept current with the regulations.

We also review the latest products, methods, and equipment that become available that we feel will improve our ability to perform the job safely and efficiently and provide a better product for our customers.

Our Safety Team provides training for everyone that works with, contracts with, or is in need of the training to maintain current knowledge of the regulations and the latest equipment. We keep safety first.

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