Pharr International Bridge

Luis A. Bazan

Luis A. Bazan

Bridge Director

The Pharr International Bridge allows for safe, orderly and efficient crossings for commercial and non-commercial vehicles. We do this by proactively implementing local, state and federal policies and procedures, coordinating bilateral efforts with government agencies, trade associations and businesses in the U.S. and Mexico. We deliver on our commitment striving for excellence in logistics by offering the safest and most efficient full-service commercial crossing in the South Texas region.

Pharr International Bridge

Pharr International Bridge: Investing Big for Faster Trade

The Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge serves as one of the most important commercial ports of entry for the U.S.-Mexico border. Pharr ranks 3rd in the nation for trade with Mexico, behind only Laredo and El Paso, and currently ranks as the 7th largest border crossing in the U.S. in terms of value for imports and exports. Servicing the Automotive, Energy, Technology and Produce Industries, over 120,000 commercial trucks cross north and south through the Pharr Bridge on a monthly basis. These shipments consist of the following goods and commodities:

Top 5 Exports

No. 1 Natural Gas

No. 2 Vehicle parts

No. 3 TVs, Equipment

No. 4 Gasoline

No. 5 Computer chips

Top 5 Imports

No. 1 TVs, Equipment

No. 2 Avocados

No. 3 Vehicle Parts

No. 4 Electrical Switches

No. 5 Insulated Cable

The Pharr Port of Entry plays an important logistics role in the global economy with direct connectivity to freight corridors through land, air and sea. The Pharr Bridge’s strategic location, surrounding infrastructure, services and potential for future investment and growth, give a competitive advantage to the City of Pharr, as well as the City of Reynosa and the rest of the Southern Texas- Northern Mexico border region.

New infrastructure projects and process improvements inside the U.S. port of entry, as well as in Mexico, will augment the current facilities and streamline the cargo inspection process, allowing for increased truck throughput and reduction of wait times for maximum efficiency. By 2023, the City of Pharr will invest over $35 million in infrastructure improvements and build a second-span (an additional 4 lanes) next to the exiting bridge. These enhancements, along with the new freight access road and dedicated lanes for F.A.S.T. cargo and empties to Mexico customs, as well as the recently completed construction of the $90 million modernized “Aduana” in Reynosa, will benefit trade and foreign investments going forward.

Importers, exporters, domestic and multinational manufacturing companies have found that using the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge as the preferred port of entry is a strategic advantage to conduct their operations, as it has transformed into profits due to the region’s low cost of doing business and its direct distribution access to markets.

Pharr’s steadfast approach to positioning itself as one of the top leading bridges in the nation will be even more pronounced once process improvements, such as Unified Cargo Processing (UCP), are implemented. By monitoring trends in the manufacturing industry, perishables industry and the automotive and energy sectors, Pharr is poised for unparalleled growth.

With over $36 billion in global trade, the Pharr Bridge continues to break import and export records by consistently registering 6% growth in imports and 5% growth in exports, despite the economic downturn brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re investing big for faster trade. We are the Pharr International Bridge…Your Connection. Your Business. Your Bridge.

Pharr International Bridge
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