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Marc Lebovitz


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We deliver customized logistics solutions built on an unwavering commitment to provide outstanding service for our clients.

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Romark Logistics is a full-service tech-focused logistics company offering innovative and customized supply chain solutions nationwide. For seven decades, the company has delivered personalized service, devising solutions to adeptly navigate the dynamic landscape of the supply chain industry. Recognized as an early advocate and adopter of automation and technology, Romark creates best-in-class logistics solutions for leading consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, and retail companies worldwide.

The Power of Automation and Advanced Technology

Romark’s commitment to automation and technology propels excellence in a continuously evolving industry. Leveraging leading-edge technology, Romark integrates robotics into Very Narrow Aisle environments (VNAs) for vertical and horizontal movement, advanced dock staging and transfer systems, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for efficient warehouse operations. The commitment to efficiency extends to drone inventory management, providing real-time insights and enhancing inventory tracking accuracy. The utilization of automated co-pack production machinery underscores the dedication to maximum efficiency and productivity, ensuring every aspect of the supply chain benefits from the latest technology. Additionally, Romark recognizes that automation complements its outstanding workforce, creating a synergy that maximizes efficiency and ensures exceptional service.

Championing Sustainability with Purpose

Romark is deeply committed to sustainability, actively participating in the Supplier Leadership on Climate Transition initiative. This underscores the company’s dedication to reducing its environmental impact, conserving resources, and assisting clients in achieving their green goals. Key sustainability initiatives include integrating electric vehicle (EV) trucks, state-of-the-art solar arrays to harness renewable energy, a comprehensive landfill avoidance program, and transitioning to lithium batteries. Romark also prioritizes eco-friendly route optimization to minimize fuel consumption, implements cutting-edge lighting and heating systems to enhance energy efficiency, and embraces recyclable or biodegradable materials, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally responsible supply chain.

Join the Legacy, Embrace the Future

For those seeking a logistics partner with a legacy of innovation, personalized service, and a vision for a sustainable future, Romark Logistics invites you to explore the transformative power of automation. Partner with us to navigate today’s challenges and strategically plan for tomorrow, as we create a strategic advantage through the transformative power of automation.

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