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Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson

Vice President, RSI Logistics

Mission Statement
To deliver innovative rail solutions that help you navigate your future.

Who We Are
We at RSI Logistics, Inc. are a premier rail logistics solution provider, helping rail professionals throughout various major industries improve their rail freight shipping.

Leveraging the expertise of our dedicated and knowledgeable team, we focus on enhancing the efficacy of rail transportation and optimizing operations for our industry-professional clients. Our solutions include, but are not limited to, logistics services, rail management software, and transloading terminals.

RSI Logistics

For the 40 years that we have been helping rail professionals improve their rail shipping, we have made a committed effort to understand the unique business requirements of our clients. We place a high emphasis on customizing our solutions, addressing specific needs, and aligning with the strategic objectives of our clients. Over the years, we have successfully assisted organizations in augmenting their rail shipping capabilities more cost-effectively than what many businesses manage to achieve independently.

Our comprehensive rail management software, Rail Command®, is a robust, full-featured solutions suite developed with the intent to streamline and simplify rail shipping for freight shippers.

Equipped with functionalities to manage multiple aspects of the rail freight shipping process, Rail Command® optimizes rail logistics and facilitates data-driven decision making.

Rail Command® includes a comprehensive and intuitive array of tools for railcar tracking and fleet management, administrative components of rail operations, forecasting of shipment arrivals, automated demurrage calculations, advanced railcar maintenance planning, and more. These critical features drive prompt decision-making, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the overhead time and associated costs, allowing logistics personnel to focus on core business needs.

Our rail rate analysis tool, Rail Impact® allows shippers to benchmark their rates against the industry’s prevailing standards, providing vital insights into their competitive positioning. The platform considers a variety of variables, including a company’s volume, market region, and commodity type, ensuring a fair and in-depth comparison. By providing this level of analytical insight, Rail Impact® allows shippers to gain a strategic advantage and better manage their rail shipping costs.

Our transloading solutions provide shippers with flexibility in managing and moving their commodities. By offering a wide range of transloading capabilities and equipment at our 25+ locations nationwide, we empower our clients to transport goods efficiently between different modes of transportation. This service ultimately streamlines supply chains and reduces logistical bottlenecks, saving both time and resources.

Our logistical services encompass rail rate management, rail fleet administration, railcar maintenance management, and rail freight accounting, among others. These services help clients to further improve the cost-effectiveness of their rail shipping operations. This comprehensive suite of offerings makes RSI Logistics a one-stop solution provider for a diverse range of rail transportation requirements.

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