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John Singleton

John Singleton


Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Mission Statement
To be the RELIABLE logistics service provider delivering PEACE OF MIND to our customers.

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Wen-Parker Logistics

The definition of adaptability according to Oxford Learner’s Dictionary is the quality of being able to change or be changed in order to deal successfully with new situations. Never was adaptability more necessary than in 2020 as the world stopped to deal with an ongoing global pandemic. There are more new buzzwords in our vocabulary now that were rarely spoken previously, such as “flattening the curve”, “PPE” and “social distancing”.

While we were all social distancing by working from home, our investments in cloud-based software allowed everyone in the Wen-Parker family to stay connected with our business partners across 12 time zones as we shifted our focus to help flatten this curve. Our long-standing business relationships from all corners of the globe were needed and fully utilized to take part in a crucial mission by delivering critical PPE worldwide. While we are the go-to logistics company for the wearing apparel vertical, a quick pivot was needed from our staff and business partners to shift and adapt to the ongoing need of critical PPE delivery.

What resulted was amazing as we delivered over 1 Billion units of PPE, enough to cover the entire US population more than 3x over!

Wen-Parker Logistics’ customers have always been at the core of everything we do. We pride ourselves on being a solutions-driven organization that responds quickly to the ever-changing and increasingly-sophisticated needs of global clients both big and small. We look forward to being your first call when you need a company that delivers value, innovation and world-class global service.

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