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Toronto Area Trucking Company | Cargo Carrier Montreal
Offered By: Polaris Transportation

Toronto Area Trucking Company | Cargo Carrier Montreal

President Dave Cox and chief technology officer Dave Brajkovich talk about Polaris Transportation’s technology investments and how employees have embraced change. "Being comfortable with being uncomfortable" is the new norm as technology advances and continues to make a positive impact on the company’s employees and customer experience

2018 Size & Weight Guide
Offered By: XTRA Lease

2018 Size & Weight Guide

Here’s a free reference guide containing state-by-state listings of size and weight regulations. XTRA Lease annually produces this free guide to provide fleets with the most up-to-date resource material for managing size and weight legal limitations. In addition, the guide offers details for where to: register for fuel use tax and order International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) trip permits, register vehicles and order International Registration Plan (IRP) trip permits, register for Unified Carrier Registration Agreement (UCRA), get hazardous materials/waste permits, and get overweight, oversize permits. The guide provides contact information for state trucking associations and also includes a convenient quick reference chart for all states.

Ryder and FRAM: Filtering waste for the supply  chain
Offered By: Ryder System, Inc.

Ryder and FRAM: Filtering waste for the supply chain

Being the number one oil filter brand in America, FRAM knows having waste in your engine leads to poor performance. Being a supply chain logistics industry leader, Ryder knows having waste in your supply chain can also lead to poor performance. By collaborating with Ryder, FRAM was able to filter out waste from its supply chain, leading to more efficient processes and cost savings. The results include 100 percent productivity increase, 99.8 percent pick accuracy, and a seven-figure reduction in annual distribution costs.

Offered By: UltraShipTMS

Five Ways a TMS Solution Adds Value to Any Shipping Organization

The business case for supply chain logistics software is compelling to every stakeholder if properly communicated. Download this complimentary eBook which provides five iron-clad arguments in favor of implementing a TMS platform with optimizer tools and private fleet management capabilities. Use these simple, yet effective arguments to build a winning business case for TMS in your organization.

Electronic Logging Device Impact
Offered By: J.B. Hunt

Electronic Logging Device Impact

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) passed a regulation in December 2015 that requires all commercial trucks and buses manufactured after 2000 to be equipped with an electronic logging device (ELD). An estimated three million drivers who currently use paper logs will have to convert to a digital log. This may affect HOS compliance and carrier capacity. This executive briefing offers more information about this mandate and how it affects the industry.

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How to Get More Done for Less With a GPS Fleet Tracking System<br />
Offered By: Verizon

How to Get More Done for Less With a GPS Fleet Tracking System

Controlling labor costs doesn’t have to lead to diminished service quality. In fact, with a vehicle tracking solution like Networkfleet®, you can control labor costs and improve service quality at the same time by managing your entire fleet more efficiently and effectively. Combining the data from Networkfleet with a disciplined approach that rewards drivers for efficient driving habits can enable your fleet to drive fewer miles, reduce overtime and other labor expenses, and get more jobs done in less time. To learn more about a vehicle tracking solution can help bring your labor costs under control, download this free whitepaper today.