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Nate Henderson

Improving Customer Satisfaction with Consumer Engagement Apps

Offering apps with products helps manufacturers improve customer satisfaction and lower complaints and returns.

Jeff Vielhaber

Communication is Key When Optimizing Logistics Networks

The key to any successful relationship is communication. Your logistics network is no different.

Bill Ansley

Five Customs Compliance Tips for Aerospace Companies

Failure to comply with domestic and international customs regulations can have a huge impact on the bottom line.

Michelle Coleman

Best Practices for Preventing Pallet Rack Damage

It is essential to have damage prevention measures in place for racking systems to avoid employee injury and minimize loss.

Mike Udermann

Accommodating Disabled Colleagues in Your Workforce

Employers must ensure that employees with disabilities are treated with respect.

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ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Rises in April

Two surveys of businesses outside of manufacturing indicate output growth and employment strengthened at the start of the second quarter, suggesting the U.S. economy is revving up after possibly contracting in the first quarter.

The World’s First Self-Driving Semi-Truck Hits the Road

The truck in question is the Freightliner Inspiration, a teched-up version of the Daimler 18-wheeler sold around the world. And according to Daimler, which owns Mercedes-Benz, it will make long-haul road transportation safer, cheaper, and better for the planet.

U.S., Canada Agree on New Standards for Railroad Oil Tankers

The U.S. and Canada announced regulations that would phase out or strengthen the railroad oil tankers involved in several recent explosions by 2020.

Logistics M&A Still Out of Favor Despite Spate of Big Deals

This year through the end of April, only 62 deals have been announced, with a combined value of $4.2 billion, putting 2015 on track for a year-over-year decline.

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