Logistics and Supply Chain News

Gururaj Rao

Achieving True Mobility in Supply Chain and Logistics Operations

Mobile technology offers flexible, affordable solutions for supply chain operations.

Geoff Milsom

A New Paradigm in Vendor Partner Management

Implementing tools and processes that enable better shipment visibility and control of in-transit inventory helps improve vendor partner management.

Ed Smith

Improving Efficiencies and Costs in the Energy Supply Chain

Energy companies have responded to the escalating cost of doing business by looking for savings in the indirect material supply chain. As a result, many are struggling to optimize maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) functions.

Kris Kosmala

Optimized Operations Are Green Operations

Ocean shipping lines have made significant progress to optimize operations, leading to reduced costs and environmental impact.

Ed Glassman

Automating B2B Payments: The Next Frontier

Automating supplier payments through commercial cards helps companies facilitate their payment process.

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Rise of the Machines: Industrial Machinery Market Growth to Double in 2014

Recovering global economic conditions will spur “quite impressive” growth in the worldwide industrial machinery market for the next four years, according to IHS.

Truckload Linehaul, Intermodal Price Indices Hit New Highs

Truckload linehaul rates spiked in March, with the Cass Truckload Linehaul Index surpassing the 120 mark, showing a 6% year-over-year increase, the largest in 35 months, and setting a new high, according to a newly released report.

The Fight to Clean Up the Truck Broker Industry

In 32 years as a truck driver and seven years as a transportation broker, DuWayne Marshall has seen it all: brokers who pay late or not at all; brokers who go bankrupt; brokers who run outright scams.

Freight Train Industry Set To Miss Safety Deadline 

Only one-fifth of its track will be equipped with mandatory safety technology to prevent the most catastrophic kinds of collisions and derailments by the deadline set by Congress.

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