Logistics and Supply Chain News

Bob McKee

Optimizing the Fashion Supply Chain

Fashion businesses must react instantly to fashion shifts and focus on getting goods to consumers quickly.

Dan Grimm

Taking a Smarter Approach to WMS RFPs

Create your WMS RFP with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of potential suppliers.

Jim Gaskell

How to Create a Forklift Safety Culture

New forklift-based technologies can positively impact safety goals in your facility.

Tadeusz Dyduch

Measuring the Value of Warehouse Data

Warehouse technology that supports communication and data analysis improves efficiency and reduces waste.

Bill Pfleger, Richard Schieler

Forklift Design Reaches New Heights

Innovation in forklift design has reduced overall warehouse and DC footprints and increased throughput.

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Markit Manufacturing Index in U.S. Decreases to 56.3 From 57.3

The Markit Economics preliminary index of U.S. manufacturing unexpectedly fell to 56.3 in July from a four-year high of 57.3 as orders and factory employment cooled.

ATA Calls on Senate to Adopt Shorter Highway Trust Fund Patch

American Trucking Associations called on the Senate to adopt a shorter term patch for the Highway Trust Fund in order to pass a long-term, well-funded highway bill sooner, rather than later.

U.S. Freight Sector Trends Remain Positive, Capacity Issues Persist

Some reports of the closely watched U.S. freight industry suggest the economy performed well in the first half of 2014, with the only hiccup being a 0.8% decline in the June truck tonnage index reported by the ATA.

U.S. Freight Tonnage, Revenue Growing

Freight tonnage shipped in the U.S. will grow about 2 percent a year through 2025 while freight revenues will expand at more than three times that rate, 6 percent, according to a new American Trucking Associations (ATA) forecast.

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