Logistics and Supply Chain News

Jeff Vielhaber

Intermodal Transportation’s Solution to Our Evolving Supply Chain Demands

Intermodal transport provides cost savings, increased reliability, greater capacity, and green and safety advantages.

Tim Taylor

The Spot Market – And How Not to Use It

Using the spot market correctly can reduce backlogs of shipping and keep costs under control.

Scott Swartz

Challenges for Today’s Global Supply Chain: Cost, Profitability and Personalization

An optimized supply chain allows companies to reduce costs, lower risk, increase transparency, and support new products.

Svetlana Guineva

How to Determine Whether Your Freight Broker Is Legitimate

Don’t risk entrusting your shipments to a fraudulent freight broker. Check broker credentials to protect your goods.

Par Wetterlof

Regulation as an Opportunity

Manufacturers should view legislation as an opportunity to achieve better control and supply chain integration.

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Great Lakes Ports Rebound to Pre-Recession Levels

Business is booming at ports along the Great Lakes, a good sign for the economy, port operators said.

Senators Seek Competition in Freight Rail Industry

With the backing of electric cooperatives and a collection of shippers, three U.S. senators want regulators to open up the freight rail business to more competition.

Manufacturers, Employers Remain Steady Amid Tumult

U.S. economic activity appears to be holding steady despite market convulsions over fears of a global slowdown, with American manufacturers and employers showing new signs of stability.

Mid-Atlantic Manufacturing Activity Slows in October

Mid-Atlantic manufacturers are expanding in October close to the same pace seen last month, according to a survey released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

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