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Nerijus Poskus

How the Panama Canal Expansion Will Shake Up U.S. Shipping

The Panama Canal expansion, completed on June 26, 2016, will have an ever-widening impact on cargo flow across North America. Here's how the culmination of this decade-long expansion project will rewrite the rules of shipping.

Tom Collins

How Real-Time Information Can Transform Your Supply Chain

Enhancing supply chains with real-time visibility gives shippers the insight and details needed to operate quickly, accurately, and more effectively than ever before.

Eric Geerts

SOLAS Container Weight Verification: What Shippers Need to Know Now

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) implemented the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requirement to verify container weight as a condition to load marine cargo into a ship. It recently issued a memo on how to enforce the requirement for three months after July 1, 2016 when it will go into effect. How should shippers interpret this update?

Eytan Buchman

Enterprise Technology Freight Train Finally Reaches Logistics Sector

Increased funding, bigger ideas, and changing mindsets are setting the stage for the explosive growth of enterprise technology in the logistics sector.

Rob Honeycutt

Optimizing the Industrial Purchasing Experience

An instant selling and ordering procedure could be a differentiator for industrial companies looking to boost their customers' industrial buying experience.

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ATA Report Sees Growth in Freight, Trucking Through 2026

A new report released Monday by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) projects freight volumes will increase by nearly 29 percent over the next 11 years.

Why China Slowdown Isn't All Bad for Shipping Industry

Weaker demand from a slower-growing Chinese economy is putting the global freight industry through rough waters, but for Singapore-based IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group, there's a bright side to this downturn.

Could the Automotive Supply Chain Snap?

A combination of rebounding sales and an unprecedented number of new models in the works has stretched the auto parts supply chain so taut that the entire industry is holding its collective breath that it does not snap and jeopardize the recovery.

Big Data Could Improve Supply Chain Efficiency—If Companies Would Let It

Powerful software is giving us new insights into large-scale efficiency. But logistics veterans say companies aren’t always ready to think big.

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