Logistics and Supply Chain News

Joe Bellini

Inventory Replenishment: Why Push When You Can Pull?

Retailers are implementing technology to more accurately forecast demand.

Steven Page

Three Tips for Doing Business in Canada

When selling products across the northern border, these three tips can help.

Karen Folino
Jeremy Boudinet

Gamification: A New Way of Tracking and Improving KPIs

A little healthy competition between employees can help to improve performance and metrics.

John Ellis

How to Use Safety Measures to Reduce Lift Truck Accident Damage

Proper safety measures can reduce costs, injuries, and down time caused by forklift impacts.

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Truck Driver Shortage is an Issue That Won't Go Away 

When readers of newspapers across the country flip through the help wanted ads, the demand for truck drivers is apparent.

Senate Approves Six-Year Highway Bill

The Senate passed its long-term highway bill, though their work on federal infrastructure funding isn’t over.

Teen Truckers Spark Worry as Congress Considers Lower Age Limit

Drivers as young as 18 years old could be allowed to drive 80,000-pound trucks between states if Congress goes along with a proposal backed by the U.S. trucking industry that safety advocates say would be a disaster.

Potential Fallout From I-10 Bridge Collapse: Higher Shipping, Retail Costs

The closure of Interstate 10 because of a bridge collapse in the California desert focuses attention on the vital role of the highway, and the trucking industry, in Arizona’s economy.

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