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Marcia Faschingbauer

Contingency Planning Keeps Freight Moving

Carriers need to be ready to keep freight moving no matter what gets in the way.

Thomas Heitman

Steps to Take When Choosing a Bar-Code Scanning System

Managers must carefully consider all factors of their operation before selecting a new bar-coding system.

Sonal Sinha

Keeping Vendor Risk Under Control During the Holiday Season

With the holiday season in full swing, logistics managers must be able to rely on their vendors to perform.

Roy Burton

Five LED Lighting Myths Debunked

Five common misconceptions about LED lighting in industrial and hazardous facilities.

Gene Gander

Five Key Questions to Ask a Vendor Before Buying Supply Chain Software

Five key questions to ask a software vendor to make sure they are the right fit for your operation.

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Spot Freight Rates Fall as Capacity Increases, Available Loads Decline

Rates on the spot freight market continued falling the past week due to fewer loads available and increasing truck capacity, according to the freight matching service provider DAT Solutions.

Human Smugglers Turn to Cargo Ships to Ferry Fleeing Syrians

The crew was about to dig into dinner when word of the "ghost ship" came through: a freighter hurtling out of control toward Italy with no crew — and hundreds of Syrians as cargo.

U.S. Flash PMI Signals Weakest Manufacturing Expansion For A Year

Markit's Flash U.S. Manufacturing PMI fell from 53.9 in December to a 12-month low of 53.7 in January.

Trucking Industry in Desperate Need of Drivers

With demand on the upswing thanks to improving economic growth and lower fuel prices, a scarcity of truck drivers could put the brakes on the trucking industry and cripple a critical piece of global supply chains.

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