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Jeremy Boudinet

Gamification: A New Way of Tracking and Improving KPIs

A little healthy competition between employees can help to improve performance and metrics.

John Ellis

How to Use Safety Measures to Reduce Lift Truck Accident Damage

Proper safety measures can reduce costs, injuries, and down time caused by forklift impacts.

Tom Stretar

7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Incentive Program

Employee incentives are a simple and valuable way to increase productivity in your facility.

David Smith

Manufacturing Skills Gap Calls for New Approaches to Talent Development

To fill the skills gap, manufacturers must build skills from within, as well as partner with outside agencies.

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FMCSA Releases Proposed Changes to CSA Program

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Monday released some proposed changes to its Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program that the agency says will better predict crash risk, but one major stakeholder said it could do more.

What's Driving Detroit's Manufacturing Turnaround? 

The federal bailout of GM and Chrysler helped bring the auto industry back from the brink, and today the Big Three U.S. automakers, including Ford and the foreign competitors that have built American factories, are thriving.

U.S. Manufacturing Said to be in Technical Recession

The U.S. factory sector, ailing from the strong dollar, global weakness and lower oil prices, has slipped into a technical recession.

Manufacturing in New York State Shrinks in June

Factory activity in New York state contracted in June, a sign that manufacturers are likely still held back by a strong dollar and cutbacks in investment by oil and gas drillers.

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