Logistics and Supply Chain News

Udaya Shankar

How the Internet of Things Impacts Supply Chains

The Internet of Things can affect supply chain operations by increasing in-transit visibility.

Dr. Matthew Waller

Innovation in Business Processes from Northwest Arkansas

Business process innovations have made great leaps thanks to two Northwest Arkansas companies: JB Hunt and Walmart.

Bob McKee

Optimizing the Fashion Supply Chain

Fashion businesses must react instantly to fashion shifts and focus on getting goods to consumers quickly.

Dan Grimm

Taking a Smarter Approach to WMS RFPs

Create your WMS RFP with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of potential suppliers.

Jim Gaskell

How to Create a Forklift Safety Culture

New forklift-based technologies can positively impact safety goals in your facility.

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Cargo Rates Trigger Shipper Backlash as U.S. Rails Soar

Following a decade of increases that sent rail profits and stocks to records, shippers are asking the U.S. government to help them fight back.

Spot Market Freight Availability Increases, Rates Stabilize

Spot market freight availability has increased nicely in the most recent period while rates appear to have ended their recent decline, according to the freight matching service provider DAT.

Shipping Bellwether Signals Rise in Global Trade

The global shipping industry looks to be in good shape, according to the largest container shipping company in the world by revenue, with the sector rebounding strongly from a deep economic slump and shrugging off new concerns regarding Russian sanctions.

Ebola Outbreak and Ukraine Conflict Pose Threats, Even as Supply Chain Risk Drops to 18-Month Low

Geopolitical and major disease risks have had less effect than widely believed on the world economy, with supply chains at their least risky levels for a year and a half.

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