2020 Summer Reading Guide

2020 Summer Reading Guide

Whether you’re looking for an enlightening read in the sun or taking your learning indoors this summer, these books will help you catch the latest wave of logistics and supply chain conversations.

Blockchain and Supply Chain Logistics

Evolutionary Case Studies

By Nachiappan Subramanian, Atanu Chaudhuri, and YaSanur Kayıkcı

With considerable advances in recent years, blockchain is positioned to revolutionize traditional supply chains. Based on literature reviews and original research, this book serves as an introduction to the technology and its applications in the food, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and retail sectors. Reviewing blockchain’s evolution, the authors forecast its future applications and dispel common myths.

Food Routes

Growing Bananas in Iceland and Other Tales from the Logistics of Eating

By Robyn Metcalfe

New technologies can make the food supply chain more efficient, but at what cost? The food supply chain is adapting to increasingly complex demands, such as personalization and convenience, and the future of food may be engineered and independent of crops grown in fields. Follow the journey of a slice of New York pizza and get a comprehensive view of how local and global foods move through the supply chain, from processing to storage and tracking.

Remarkable Retail

How to Win and Keep Customers in the Age of Digital Disruption

By Steve Dennis

E-commerce is central to virtually every modern consumer’s shopping experience, but that doesn’t mean shoppers have stopped making in-store purchases. Brick-and-mortar retailers can no longer settle for mediocre in-store experiences. Packed with case studies that break down best-in-class success stories, this book presents eight strategies for reimagining the customer experience in the age of digital disruption and how retailers can create buzz around their in-store experience.

The Forever Transaction

How to Build a Subscription Model So Compelling, Your Customers Will Never Want to Leave

By Robbie Kellman Baxter

Subscription-based products and services can turn casual browsers into life-long customers. Take a look at brands that have built a growing base of loyal customers using subscription models, including Under Armour, Microsoft, and Netflix. Covering every step from initial startup to revamping an organization’s culture, readers will learn the essentials of subscription pricing, Software-as-a-Service, digital community engagement, and incentives.

The Logistics and Supply Chain Innovation Handbook

Disruptive Technologies and New Business Models

By John Manners-Bell and Ken Lyon

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is continuously transforming consumer habits, and supply chains are rushing to adapt to a new climate and compete with new startups. This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of key emerging technologies and business models and dissects the process of disruption. It covers innovations such as crowdsourcing, on-demand delivery, autonomous vehicles, warehouse automation, and alternative fuels, providing an easy-to-understand assessment of their impact on the industry.

The Chief Data Officer Management Handbook

Set Up and Run an Organization’s Data Supply Chain

By Martin Treder

Many industries rely on collecting and analyzing large volumes of data. Based on positive and negative experiences shared by current leaders, this handbook covers topics such as the data supply chain, data strategy, and data governance. The author discusses how to execute data collaboration, develop a more sustainable approach, and avoid common pitfalls. Learn how to apply effective data management, gain a comprehensive overview of all aspects of data, and collaborate with the data supply chain.

Digital Supply Networks

Transform Your Supply Chain and Gain Competitive Advantage with New Technology and Processes

By Amit Sinha, Ednilson Bernardes, Rafael Calderon, and Thorsten Wuest

Staying resilient in today’s fast-paced business landscape and navigating black swan events, such as COVID-19, requires a fully integrated digital supply network. Using real-world examples and academic research, the authors discuss the limitations of traditional supply chains and the potential of digital transformation. Readers will learn how digitization might affect their business, which technologies are on the rise, and where to start.

The Supply Chain Revolution

Innovative Sourcing and Logistics for a Fiercely Competitive World

By Suman Sarkar

Some retail giants are struggling while others are thriving, and the difference is a highly responsive supply chain. Breaking down the real lessons learned from success stories such as Apple and Zara, this book uncovers the secrets to succeeding in a disruptive and increasingly competitive world. It touches on how to make your partnerships more successful, boost retail success by managing store investment, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

Supply Chain Resilience

Reducing Vulnerability to Economic Shocks, Financial Crises, and Natural Disasters

By Venkatachalam Anbumozhi, Fukunari Kimura, and Shandre Mugan Thangavelu

Review different approaches from multiple companies and industries to help identify effective risk management measures and continuity plans for your business. In examining the effects of economic disruptions on global supply chains, this book defines supply chain resilience, analyzes the role of public-private partnerships, and proposes a new framework to help mitigate major supply chain vulnerabilities.

The Effortless Experience

Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty

By Matthew Dixon, Nick Toman, and Rick DeLisi

Customer loyalty is more often driven by how well a brand delivers on its basic promises and solves common problems rather than its over-the-top bells and whistles. This book lays out the four key pillars of achieving a seamless customer experience. Robust data, profiles of successful companies, and ready-to-use templates help readers understand what customers are looking for and uncover what makes them loyal and disloyal.

Fashion Logistics

Insights Into the Fashion Retail Supply Chain (2nd Edition)

By John Fernie and David B. Grant

Retailers are reassessing their supply chains to accelerate their speed to market, improve resiliency, respond quickly to change, and better customize their products. This book analyzes the industry as a whole and assesses these drivers of change. The second edition includes revised corporate social responsibility and reshoring sections, updated case studies, and new guidelines on how retailers can adapt their operations.

Lean Demand-Driven Procurement

How to Apply Lean Thinking to Your Supply Management Processes

By Paul Myerson

With a focus on process improvement rather than simply cutting material costs, this book helps readers identify supply-side waste, especially within the realm of procurement, using Lean principles. The author details basic supply chain management concepts and processes in a digestible format, providing process-improvement tools, methodologies, best practices, examples, and case studies. Learn how identifying nontraditional sources of waste through improved processes and, occasionally, technology can benefit your entire supply chain.

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