IT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain Technology

Jeremy Boudinet

Gamification: A New Way of Tracking and Improving KPIs

Harnessing and optimizing new technology has always been a cornerstone of the logistics sector. Dating back to 1781, when James Watt patented the first continuously rotating steam combustion engine, logistics has evolved by capitalizing on technological breakthroughs and innovations. So, perhaps it is only appropriate that an industry initially built on the back of the […]

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David Smith

Manufacturing Skills Gap Calls for New Approaches to Talent Development

As manufacturers seek to achieve growth, their search for the right talent to help them execute on their business strategy tends to be a challenging one. More than 75 percent of manufacturing respondents to Accenture’s 2014 Manufacturing Skills and Training Study identified a shortage of skilled workers. That gap also stands out in the so-called […]

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Christian Allred

Tracking Isn’t Just Tracking Anymore

In the 1990s, carriers, shippers, and third-party logistics providers were always asking: "Where’s my truck?" In response, automatic tracking systems grew rapidly as the Global Positioning System (GPS) became available for commercial use, and expanding satellite and cellular networks increased connectivity even in remote areas. The first generation of tracking systems charted the location, speed, […]

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Greg Cronin

Is Your Warehouse Software Holding You Back?

Change is underway in warehouse management and fulfillment operations. Driven by e-commerce and omni-channel demand, and enabled by innovative automation and software solutions, the fulfillment execution model is ushering in an era of real-time adaptive workflow for optimized fulfillment. When warehouse management systems (WMS) replaced paper-based systems in the mid-1980s, they marked a fundamental shift […]

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Mark Burstein

Protecting Your Brand With Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and supply chain management traditionally focus on metrics such as speed to market, cost reduction, consumer trend response times, and supply chain agility. But there’s a new imperative: ensuring ethical sourcing and social compliance. Designing and delivering great brands means ensuring products are safe, manufactured responsibly, and comply with myriad complex […]

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Peter Zaballos

Searching For the New Perfect Order

The growth of omni-channel retailing has driven a shift in what constitutes the “perfect order” — from a traditional, sequentially linear design to an exponentially more complex, interconnected model. It’s a shift driven by customer demand that requires the retailer to manage orders, shipments, payments, and returns within the retailing organization and across a vast […]

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