IT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain Technology

Jim Hayden

Can You Handle the IoT Big Data Onslaught?

Supply chain managers (SCMs) recognize the potential benefits of big data platforms, leveraged and fed by the Internet of Things (IoT). Yet, the combination of IoT and real-time data collection creates an overwhelming data flow, threatening to drown organizations unprepared for the influx of that data. Companies need to understand their analytical goals and underlying […]

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5 Reasons to Make Demand Modeling Part of Your Supply Chain Design Process

Predicting customer demand is incredibly difficult. Economic indicators, weather, seasonal influences, and industry trends constantly change and need to be continually factored in to your analysis. This insight helps improve the design of your supply chain to better account for changes in demand. In today’s marketplace, it’s crucial to understand your customers’ buying behavior, as […]

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Blockchain Technology: Good in a Supply Chain Crisis

Blockchain, the technology that underpins digital currencies such as bitcoin, offers substantive benefits to supply chains disrupted by natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. Blockchain is a digital ledger that creates a chronological and unchangeable record of transactions. It uses an autonomous network of computers to constantly verify the legitimacy of updates to the […]

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Building Visibility, Response, Resiliency

Chief supply chain officers (CSCO) are tasked with a range of challenging issues when it comes to managing a company’s product supply chain. To maximize productivity and efficiency, the CSCO should consider visibility, response, and resiliency the most important aspects of supply chain management. Digital transformation is underway in supply chain management and it is […]

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Purchasing a Cloud-Based WMS? Get Grounded

Warehouse management systems (WMS) run the gamut from sophisticated and flexible standalone options to supply chain execution suites to enterprise resource planning tool extensions. As with many data-driven functions, cloud-based solutions have grown in prominence and mindshare. One of the biggest misconceptions, however, is that adopting a cloud solution naturally drives cost savings. But hidden […]

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Global Trade Content: Unlocking the Supply Chain Value

New Content-as-a-Service solutions deliver content that exists outside an organization. This outside-in perspective is spurring companies to find new value to make supply chain planning and execution inherently more intelligent—especially when it comes to global trade. Content solutions can, for example, help companies properly classify goods to ensure compliance while minimizing duties and tariffs; research, […]

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How New Technology is Boosting Human Potential in the Supply Chain

Advances in automation are liberating untapped human potential in the supply chain. A new opportunity to significantly improve operational performance is emerging due to advances in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and prescriptive analytics. These advances are not about technology versus humans, but about how technology will supplement and augment humans in knowledge-intensive areas such as […]

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Blockchain Set to Shake Up Shipping

International trade is a maze of regulations, and mostly manual, inefficient processes that lack transparency. This is all about to radically change with blockchain technology. Shipping today is riddled with documentation, regulations, and policies that require certificates of origin, letters of credit, bills of lading, vessel manifests, and customs declarations. Blockchain converts documents, such as […]

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