IT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain Technology

Thomas Halliday

Business Intelligence: The Key to Success in Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific region is becoming the next supply chain battleground. Instead of being a low-cost manufacturing region, it is developing into a significant marketplace as affluence and consumer demand increases. Many multinational corporations are already shifting key business functions to Asia Pacific to better understand the market and position themselves to capitalize on burgeoning […]

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Tom Maher

How Smarter, Stronger Supply Chains Improve the Customer Experience

Companies today are increasingly leveraging digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and machine learning (ML) to build smarter supply chain operations. They are turning “big supply chain data” into real insights that improve efficiency, bring products and services to market faster, and deliver differentiating customer value, all key to remaining competitive in the […]

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Doug Surrett

Time to Get Cracking on Compliance

As the global marketplace expands and countries start to flex their economic muscle, the rules that keep goods moving across borders will only get more complex. How can your company keep up? Automating your import/export processes is one smart step. A future-oriented customs management suite that goes beyond electronic customs declarations, with flexible integration and […]

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Mohammed (Mo) Hajibashi

Today’s Technology, Tomorrow’s Demand

The late actress Carrie Fisher said, “instant gratification takes too long.” Her prescience is spot-on. Consumers don’t just want convenient, personalized products and services—they want them immediately. Speed and flexibility are the most significant aspects of meeting this heightened sense of “must have it now.” Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are in a fierce race […]

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Diane Fanelli

Pushing Blockchain Past the Hype

Businesses across the supply chain are finally embracing blockchain as an asset capable of unlocking tremendous value, especially as supply chains grow more globalized and susceptible to compromise. Yet many companies still approach blockchain with apprehension. Misinformation and lack of clarity loom over businesses curious about blockchain. Supply chain companies are understandably wary of having […]

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Michael Gravier

Leveraging Technology: Put Strategy First

With all the hype about technology’s potential, it’s easy to lose track of the basic truth that technology enables strategy. Technology applied to an inappropriate strategy will accelerate a firm’s demise. Tech trends enable strategies that are reshaping global supply chains. These new technologies complement each other; used in combination they create synergies far beyond […]

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Kristi Montgomery

IoT: Where We Are, What Comes Next

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to disrupt all industries, including the supply chain. While excitement around this disruptive technology is enticing, IoT still has a long way to go. Supply chain executives must be thoughtful and selective when it comes to investing in it. Let’s break down some benefits and drawbacks of IoT […]

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William Salter

Last-Mile Technology Needs a Radical Rethink

We need to stop viewing last-mile logistics as solely a delivery challenge. The broader challenge is ensuring processes and their supporting technologies work together to allow supply chains to meet the market’s insatiable appetite for faster, more precise deliveries. Supply chain management technology is boldly exploring sophisticated new developments such as driverless vehicles and the […]

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Jim Hayden

Can You Handle the IoT Big Data Onslaught?

Supply chain managers (SCMs) recognize the potential benefits of big data platforms, leveraged and fed by the Internet of Things (IoT). Yet, the combination of IoT and real-time data collection creates an overwhelming data flow, threatening to drown organizations unprepared for the influx of that data. Companies need to understand their analytical goals and underlying […]

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