Completing the Circle of Life

When most people talk about lifecycle management (LM), they think about product design, materials sourcing, manufacturing and forward distribution. But more and more, especially in the high tech, electronics and telecommunications sectors, companies must consider what happens to their products after they leave the loading dock. This means thinking about not just installation, but also […]

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Luxembourg: Your Logistics Partner in Europe

Global production outsourcing has led to increased logistical challenges. The need for efficient, time and cost effective supply chain management has created new opportunities for integrated logistics providers. Luxembourg continues its positioning as a European hub for contract, air-freight based and value-added logistics to meet these challenges. Luxembourg provides American companies with many strategic advantages […]

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Fast Forward: Is Rush Hour Traffic Hurting Your Customer Service?

Are my customers completely satisfied? Am I providing the level of service they expect? Every executive should be asking these questions if they expect to remain competitive. Itπs not enough to offer the best price; your customers expect more than that. They expect you to be responsive to their needs and to consistently deliver on […]

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The Indianapolis Region: A New Logistics Leader Has Emerged

Images of central Indiana may bring to mind the Indianapolis 500, the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning or the NCAA Final Four. However, for logistics professionals, the Indianapolis region is becoming a dream destination for moving goods around the world. Site selection consultants and local Indianapolis region logistics and distribution companies are finding that available […]

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Inventory Reduction: Supply Chain’s Holy Grail

In the United States, businesses invested some $1.63 trillion in inventories during 2004, a new record high according to the 16th Annual State of Logistics Report sponsored by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. Companies constantly search for ways to reduce their inventory exposure. We see this every day with our clients who all […]

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