Tara Meier

What Is the Best Method to Measure Customer Satisfaction?

Q: How is Ruan’s Customer Satisfaction Program structured? A: At Ruan, customer satisfaction is one of our five guiding principles. Ruan believes in developing strong partnerships by understanding our customers’ stories and continuing to improve our service as their needs evolve. And the best way to know if we are achieving that goal is to […]

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Lori Harner

Control Tower Capabilities—Redefined

Q: What is a control tower? A: There are many definitions of a control tower in the market today. Some are analytics overlays without a network to get data or application intelligence. Some provide one functional area (e.g. planning) and encompass internal operations and maybe tier 1 providers. These can sound helpful but won’t get […]

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Supply Chain Checklist for a COVID-19 World

While the uptick in revenue from online sales during the pandemic has been positive, shippers still face ongoing challenges acquiring raw materials and tackling last mile delivery. Companies are now in a position where they need to hedge against having too much inventory and working capital tied up, while seeking the necessary agility and resilience […]

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Keri Corbin

Top Priorities for 3PL Warehouse IT in 2021

Q: When looking ahead to 2021, what’s the number-one priority companies should make to stay competitive? A: Since labor is the most expensive component of the business, we say start there. Smartly planning your resources to best suit the needs of the company and the company’s digital transformation and customer experience goals is paramount. Barcoding […]

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Michael Eastabrook

Shining New Light on Dock Operations

The loading dock is a complicated place, with many people and a lot of equipment working together. With better visibility into dock activity, companies can bring significant improvements to their warehouse operations. Q: What important challenges do warehouse operators face because they lack access to crucial real-time and historical data about what’s going on at […]

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