Consumers Have the Last (Mile) Laugh

While the use of last-mile delivery has increased in the pandemic era, the process has experienced various growing pains. A new consumer survey shows customers have encountered regular delays and would like to have greater visibility of their deliveries.

The survey, conducted for Anyline by Researchscape, examines the extent to which consumers have turned to online purchases since the start of the pandemic. In particular, some respondents say they have shopped online for items they previously only would have bought in person, including groceries (43%), home essentials (30%), and restaurant meals (29%). As last-mile delivery becomes more prevalent, customer expectations have grown, finds the report.

Consumers’ responses suggest last-mile delivery’s performance has faltered; 44% say delivery time frames have slowed since the start of the pandemic, and 68% say they have encountered delivery delays.

More than three-quarters (76%) say that an unacceptable delivery experience would strongly or somewhat affect their decision to order from that company again (see chart). The number rises for each passing generation, including 81% of millennials and 86% of Gen Z shoppers.

Of those surveyed, 88% say they would find the ability to redirect a delivery either very useful or extremely useful, and 96% favor the use of GPS to allow them to track their deliveries.

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