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Jump Start 2018 provides shippers, carriers, 3PLs, and other supply chain professionals with indispensable insights about trends and challenges in the wider logistics arena.

Technological disruptors and game-changing opportunities continue to shift the way logistics and supply chain professionals do business. In addition to leading the technology company SMC³, I help cultivate two yearly supply chain conferences, Jump Start and Connections. The events stand as industry-leading supply chain forums, providing shippers, carriers, 3PLs, and other supply chain professionals with indispensable insights about trends and challenges in the wider logistics arena.

The next event, Jump Start 2018, will be held in midtown Atlanta from January 22-24. A full agenda and speaker list is available at

Q: What’s in store for Jump Start 2018 attendees?

Jump Start has always been celebrated for powerhouse content and unrivaled networking opportunities. From the agenda to the surprises we have in store during the networking reception, our team has put together an exceptional event this year.

During Jump Start 2018, speakers are slated to dissect the transportation trends that will define the year ahead and explain how to avoid transportation pitfalls. Jim Burnley, the former Secretary of the Department of Transportation, will be on hand to talk through the current regulatory environment. We’ve lined up more than 30 experts and thought leaders to discuss e-commerce’s impact on last-mile shipping, the influence of technological innovation on the supply chain, and other pertinent topics.

We’ve also set aside 17 hours of dedicated networking time to give people a chance to connect and continue to learn from each other.

Q: The yearly Jump Start conference is always in Atlanta. Why?

Atlanta, the transportation hub of the Southeast, is the best place to gather together and analyze the issues that will come to define the year ahead. The city has also become one of the leading cities in technology infrastructure.

In fact, Forbes recently put Atlanta on a short list of cities that may soon overthrow Silicon Valley as the tech capital of the U.S. SMC³ is proud to call the Atlanta area home and contribute to the spirit of innovation that permeates the area.

Q: Is there an overarching goal for Jump Start 2018?

At SMC³, our guiding principle is education. The technology products we develop and the conferences we host are created for the benefit of the entire transportation community. We’re able to put together such an education-oriented conference because we truly want every industry stakeholder to learn, collaborate, and explore new ways to make their businesses succeed.

Our goal is for everyone to return to their respective companies refreshed, inspired, and ready to get down to business. Jump Start 2018 attendees will come back to work eager to make appropriate and informed decisions about supply chain challenges and opportunities based on the knowledge they’ve collected during the event.

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