Future-Proofing Tomorrow’s Warehouses

Future-Proofing Tomorrow’s Warehouses

Bar Code Direct modernized and optimized a large Fortune 500 retail warehouse, taking a three-pronged approach that yielded dramatic speed and productivity gains.

The Challenge

Running a large retail warehouse has many challenges. Efficiency is critical. But as the years go by, it becomes difficult to keep up with the latest technology and processes to stay ahead of the curve. At Bar Code Direct we recently partnered with a longstanding international retail client to modernize their distribution facility, train their people to be more efficient, and streamline their operations.

THE Approach

To accomplish this, we began by doing a comprehensive site analysis and discovered that the facility was running several different systems concurrently that were not designed to work together—including non-automated, paper-based systems and technology that was simply inefficient for the task at hand.

We took a three-pronged approach:

  • We installed a new wireless backbone with a WAN failover connection.
  • Brought in new hardware including tablets, wearables, handhelds, scanners, and GUI-based terminals.
  • Developed a customized enterprise software solution to help everything work together seamlessly.

The Tools

  • Zebra ET57
  • Zebra WT6000
  • Zebra TC77
  • Zebra MC9300
  • Zebra VC83
  • Zebra DS3608 Scanners
  • Soti
  • Wavelink software

“We helped increase speed and productivity by over 20%. Also, by arming the warehouse workers with a simplified, yet more powerful system we were able to help them increase their pick rates, and improve their bonus levels. Downtime was reduced by over 40% and the corporation’s upward growth trajectory continued to accelerate to record levels.”

—Pete Grimes, V.P. Sales & Marketing
Chris Richardson, V.P. Customer Solutions
Bar Code Direct

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