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Looking to streamline your material handling operations? Consider beginning with your lift trucks. Here’s a snapshot of the industry’s leading manufacturers and some of their newest solutions.


The versatility of Aisle-Master’s articulated forklift enables operators to work in narrow-aisle warehouses or outside as a conventional lift truck. Structurally, its large super-elastic tires and hydrostatic drive make loading and off-loading possible in semi-rough yards, and ensures the ride is smooth regardless of terrain. Applications includes builder providers, wholesalers, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) centers, furniture factories, chemical producers, and engineering companies.


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Combilift’s proprietary lift truck, which combines the flexibility of a sideloader with a four-way steering system that allows operators to move laterally with long loads, lends itself well to applications such as lumber, PVC pipe, and metals. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Combilift is available in both LPG and diesel configurations and features hydrostatic all-wheel drive to reduce maintenance costs.



Crown Equipment Corporation’s new pallet trucks, the PE 4000 Series, meet the demands of dock work, transporting, staging, and order picking. The PE 4000 Series is 30 to 45 percent heavier than other pallet trucks because it uses more steel at the greatest points of stress. Structural enhancements also protect against damage and wear around and underneath the truck.



From its broad range of forklifts to other top-line manufacturers including Ingersoll-Rand and Genie, Hyster Sales offers a variety of buy or lease options to meet today’s business demands.



With lifting capacities ranging from 4,000 to 6,000 pounds, Komatsu’s BBX forklift offers improvements to accommodate both operators and service technicians. An enhanced ZX motor controller expands status code storage, and can be accessed with a handset or personal computer. The new all-metal, swing-up battery cover and slotted overhead guard permits fast battery exchanges and inspections. A 70-percent more open area in overhead guard offers a better field of vision to locate high storage positions.



Linde’s 39X Hydrostatic Drive 5,000-pound-capacity truck (diesel or LPG) offers operators improved fuel economy thanks to the inclusion of new hydrostatic wheel motors built to operate at low speeds and higher oil volume per revolution. Its Load Control System (LLC) also features enhanced ergonomics including adjustable armrest and fingertip-actuated hydraulic control levers for operator comfort.



Looking to enhance operator productivity and comfort, ergonomics, and reliability, MCFA has revamped its product line to include a redesigned line of 3,000-to-6,000-pound capacity internal combustion cushion tire forklifts; its inaugural 3,000-to-5,000-pound capacity electric, counter-balance, stand-up, and end-control model for use on docks and narrow-aisle retail applications; and a gas/LP gas engine option on 10,000- and 11,000-pound capacity pneumatic tire forklifts.



Nissan Forklift’s new Platinum Series, available in pneumatic, compact pneumatic, and cushion tire models, has been redesigned to incorporate the latest technological advances for increased efficiency and performance, while greatly reducing exhaust emissions. All K Series, ECCS engines feature electronic fuel injection and an Engine Control Module (ECM). The ECM controls basic engine functions and determines the exact air/fuel ratio, torque, and speed needed to meet the demands of the application, while delivering high combustion efficiency for lower fuel consumption.



Raymond’s Model 7400 features the ACR System—a combination of AC technology and ergonomics that reduces costs, improves efficiency, and increases operator productivity. Available in a variety of weight capacities, from 3,200 to 4,500 pounds, in reach and Deep-Reach configurations, the forklift provides quicker acceleration, smoother direction changes, quiet and precise traction and lift, more runtime per battery charge, and less reduction in truck performance.



Toyota’s new 4,500-pound-capacity electric pallet truck features a compact design for improved efficiency in confined spaces. Ideal for applications as varied as warehouse environments, retail stores, manufacturing, and transportation operations, the pallet truck is designed to streamline maintenance and minimize downtime by incorporating several ease-of-service features. All major components are reachable for service and inspection through a one-piece lift-off service access cover, and the electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical components are logically placed for easy service. The truck’s system is engineered without drive contactors, reducing maintenance and inspection time. A programmable service indicator notifies operators of planned maintenance and service needs through the display.



Yale’s ERC-GH lift truck is the second vehicle in the manufacturer’s AC-powered line of electric rider trucks. The ERC-GH, available in 4,000- to 6,500-pound capacities, is ideal for general warehousing, automotive, grocery, and beverage/bottling applications. A transistorized AC-powered traction motor with seamless directional change and a brushless AC traction motor power the ERC-GH. The truck offers an Auto Deceleration System, which automatically slows the truck when the accelerator pedal is released.

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