How Green Was My Tally?

Almost one-third of online shoppers are willing to pay more to have their items shipped in environmentally friendly packaging, with those buying health and beauty products leading the way at 33%, according to Macfarlane Packaging, which analyzed packaging performance among e-commerce retailers in the fashion, health and beauty, home and garden, and food and drink sectors.

Asked for the first time about the green credentials of the packages they received, 39% of online shoppers classify the packaging as not environmentally friendly. This is particularly evident among fashion shoppers, where the figure reaches.

Additionally, 54% of consumers report that retailers overpacked their shipments—23% of respondents report too much packaging for their purchases, with health and beauty shoppers leading the charge at 43%.

Overpackaging remains a major conundrum for retailers who want to ensure their products arrive undamaged while managing customer demands for more sustainable packaging at the same time.

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