Keeping the Supply Chain Running in Ukraine

Keeping the Supply Chain Running in Ukraine

Since 2020, the business landscape has been full of crises for 3PLs operating in Europe. First a worldwide pandemic, now a war between Russia and Ukraine. Keeping a supply chain operating efficiently is challenging in the best of times, but how can companies best respond during game changing disruptions? Yuriy Ostapyak, a Ukrainian-born U.S. citizen and COO for Logistics Plus joined the Inbound Logistics podcast to discuss his company’s response to these challenges.

Logistics Plus operates an office in Western Ukraine. As soon as the war began, the company set up operations in Poland and started moving humanitarian aid and goods into the country. It brought in employees from around the world who learned how to navigate complex border issues inherent during wartime. By taking some unconventional steps, such as working with air carriers not traditionally known for freight capabilities, Ostapyak says Logistics Plus was able to outperform many of its larger competitors.

“A lot of this can be achieved with just good communication,” says Ostapyak. “We always treat our vendors, customers, and people the same. That’s helped us build trust and long term relationships”

Logistics Plus’ response to the war in Ukraine has gone beyond normal business operations. The company spearheads fundraising programs and collects donations at its warehouses for Ukrainian refugees.

“It’s been great, for me personally, to see the outpouring of support of the entire U.S. community,” says Ostapyak. “People in Ukraine know that the world is behind them. They don’t feel like they’re alone on an island where nobody else cares.”

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