More Goes In So You Can Get More Out

Most magazines are designed to be read. The Logistics Planner issue is also designed to be used—again and again. The Planner—and its complementary digital and web profiles—help you find and source the solutions you need to be a true supply chain innovator.

Many readers tell us they read the Planner profiles from A to Z to get an update on state-of-the-art supply chain solutions and leading logistics companies.

Early last year, after the 2005 Planner was published, I heard from the president of a small company developing products overseas for delivery to North American mass retailers. His company was “adept at sourcing, product development, and retail sales, but lacked supply chain expertise,” he said. He used the Planner to close that gap.

A few months later, I spoke to the inbound freight manager at a well-known marker manufacturer who used the Planner to help automate his customer returns process.

Next was the consultant for a cereal manufacturer looking for ways to consolidate domestic shipments. She went right to the Planner to help solve her customer’s challenge.

Over the summer, I got an e-mail from the controller of a large Brazilian OEM’s U.S. division seeking intermodal service from suppliers and to customers in North America. I directed him to the Planner.

Two months ago, the global logistics manager for a widely recognized company used the Planner to locate carriers that might be appropriate for consumer goods shipments from China to the United States—11,000 TEUs per year. That is some heavy lifting, even for a 528-page magazine.

This past month I heard from the global logistics manager of the world’s leading motion picture equipment manufacturer. The Planner helped him secure air cargo service that “ensures our product is handled with the highest level of care” across America and the world, he said.

And, a Taiwanese LCD maker reported that he used the Planner to locate the right carriers and logistics providers to meet the demands of resellers, wholesalers, and retail customers for import and customs services, inland transportation, warehousing, light sub-assembly, and fulfillment—and may add reverse logistics services in the future.

If the Planner can do all that for those readers, it can be an invaluable resource for you, too. This year’s Planner is the biggest ever, and is the largest and most diverse directory resource in the industry.

Whether you need logistics brainpower, electric power, manpower—or anything in between—at least one of the more than 180 companies profiled likely has the solution you seek.

We will continue to work diligently to make sure that you, like your colleagues, find the Planner useful as you navigate the complex choices you face as you continue to build supply chain excellence.

How do you use the Planner? Send me an e-mail: [email protected]. Maybe I’ll be writing about you next year.

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