Navigating Supply Chain Uncertainty and Volatility with Proven Solutions

Navigating Supply Chain Uncertainty and Volatility with Proven Solutions

In 2023, The Logistix company sees its customers’ much more conscientious to their freight spend and notices contracted rates taking precedence along with more insight into forecasts.

Q. What are the biggest differences you’ve seen with customers between 2021/2022 and now in 2023?

A. The main differences we’ve seen from a customer perspective in 2021/22 to this year is how much more conscientious they have become to their freight spend. In 21/22 many customers just needed to get their commodities to the final destination, with cost being a bit of an afterthought.

We are now seeing contracted rates taking precedence and more insight into forecasts in order to minimize any misallocation of expenditures.

Here at TLC we have continued to lean on our partnerships to provide the most competitive options possible, while lending some comprehension into navigating uncharted markets.

Q. What are some things The Logistix Company has found success with recently?

A. We have found quite a bit of success in the custom dilution, transloading, and repackaging projects that we have been presented with. There was one opportunity with a long-term customer transloading an extremely challenging product, given its hazardous, corrosive, and reactive nature.

All said, we found the perfect partner facility to blend from start to finished product, as well as providing a short-term storage option and carriers to deliver on both ends. There’s a video on our website outlining this entire project.

Where some other 3PLs may have hesitated in the face of all the challenging aspects to this product, TLC was once again equipped with the appropriate experience and network to deliver in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Q. How has The Logistix Company navigated the past year with many of the uncertainties in supply chains at hand?

A. At The Logistix Company, we have always taken pride in being extremely nimble in everything we do. We handle quite a bit in the bulk chemical space, especially liquid bulk chemicals, but have grown our footprint to handle everything from railcars and shore tank management, to transloading and custom blending, to drayage of containers from ports, and everything in between.

Given these capabilities and our vast network of partners in these different realms, we’ve been able to pivot to meet the needs of our customers as needed.

As we came to the end of 2022 and faced many of the challenges it presented, a lot of companies were still reeling and trying to understand where the inefficiencies in their supply chain were.

At TLC we stepped in to assist many in navigating through those uncertainties while helping to save their bottom line through our experience and understanding of the best utilization of resources we have in-house.

Our diversity and ability to step in to address any unique challenge is what separates TLC from so many other 3PLs out there.