Partnering with a Nonprofit to Provide COVID-19 Relief to the Navajo Nation

Partnering with a Nonprofit to Provide COVID-19 Relief to the Navajo Nation

Echo Global Logistics partners with a nonprofit organization to deliver thousands of water containers to the Navajo Nation in support of COVID-19 relief.

The Challenge

With one of the highest COVID-19 infection rates in the country, the Navajo Nation has been hit especially hard. At Echo Global Logistics, one of our core values is “Do What’s Right,” so when we had the opportunity to make a positive impact for the Navajo Nation, we did not hesitate to step up.

For generations, the Navajo Nation has faced challenges in accessing safe, running water. In fact, one in three Navajo citizens does not have indoor plumbing. Without easy access to water, it’s been harder for the Navajo Nation to fight against COVID-19.

One of the groups providing aid to the Navajo Nation is Get Us PPE, a nonprofit organization that works to get personal protective equipment (PPE) and related infection prevention and control supplies to those who need it most. Their team of volunteers works with various organizations to gather and distribute PPE to underrepresented or medically underserved communities.

Get Us PPE ( had thousands of water containers that needed to be transported to the Navajo Nation so those without indoor plumbing could store large amounts of water in their home.

The Solution

After learning about the shipping needs of Get Us PPE, Echo donated the transportation of 3,800 water containers to Window Rock, Arizona, the capital of the Navajo Nation. Echo fully managed the transport and delivery of the 56 pallets of water containers, so Get Us PPE could spend more time focusing on their core mission of helping those in need during this difficult time.

“We are grateful to Echo for partnering with us to get thousands of water containers to the Navajo Nation,” said Shikha Gupta, MD, vice president of Get Us PPE. “They didn’t hesitate to lend their expertise to our cause. This pandemic has brought to light the inequities that have always existed in our healthcare system, and it is increasingly apparent the COVID-19 crisis is a health equity crisis. Partners like Echo help us empower communities by getting PPE to the front lines of the pandemic.”

“We’re pleased to collaborate with Get Us PPE as they work relentlessly to source and distribute critical supplies to those most vulnerable,” said Doug Waggoner, chairman of the Board of Directors and chief executive officer at Echo. “At Echo,giving back to the communityis anintegral part of our culture, and we’re proud that we are able to provide aid to the Navajo Nation during this challenging time.”

Throughout the pandemic, Echo has worked withmultiple partners to aid in COVID-19 relief. However, managing the shipment of water containers to the Navajo Nation held a special significance at Echo, as one of the logistics professionals who worked to coordinate this shipment is a member of the community herself.

“As a member of the Navajo Nation, I have been very worried about our elders, first responders, and others who are vulnerable in our community,” said Amy Cegielski, client visibility solutions manager at Echo. “When I learned that Echo was donating the transportation of water containers to the Navajo Nation, I gladly volunteered to coordinate this shipment. I’m proud to work for a company like Echo that is committed to giving back to others and making positive impacts on our communities.”

By Dave Menzel, President & COO, Echo Global Logistics

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