People-Centric Solution to TMS – Trinity Logistics

People-Centric Solution to TMS – Trinity Logistics

Trinity Logistics’ people-centric transportation solution brought much-needed efficiency to its customer’s supply chain.

The Challenge

Albaugh, LLC, an international leader in post-patent crop protection products, began the search for a Managed Transportation Solution when the team realized its current processes were not in line with the company’s focus on efficiency. Manual data entry processes were causing a duplication of process steps, which led to input errors and wasted efficiency.

Albaugh wanted a solution that would help them better manage their freight by effortlessly integrating with their ERP, cutting their manual processes and duplication of work, and providing analytics and reporting to help manage change and freight spend.

The Solution

Albaugh chose Trinity Logistics as its single-service logistics provider because of its people-centric transportation solution, combining transportation technology and an expert team dedicated to freight optimization. In addition to providing extensive data, visibility, and custom reporting, Trinity provides an on-site freight management professional to make coordinating Albaugh’s shipments seamless. With Trinity’s sophisticated technology platform and strategic management, Albaugh has positioned themselves for company growth, profitability, performance, and cut risk exposure.

“As we grew, it became clear that we needed more than just a company that routed our freight. With Trinity’s team approach, Transportation Management Software, Account Managers, and Business Analytics, we now have complete visibility of our transportation network. The intangibles that Trinity brings to the table are priceless. We were looking for a company that would manage our freight better; what we found was a true partner in transportation management,” said Don Parker, Albaugh Logistics Manager.

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