Sorting Out E-Commerce Priorities

Sorting Out E-Commerce Priorities

E-commerce capabilities and technology have been vital to shippers’ success during the pandemic, finds a report from Kenco. Of the supply chain professionals responding to the survey, 90% say visibility technology is a “priority.” Other highlights from the report reveal:

    • 24% of respondents say e-commerce is extremely important and their top priority, and 41% say it’s very important.
    • 41% say same-day or two-day delivery is their first priority when ranking e-commerce capabilities in order of importance (see chart).

  • 43% rate visibility technology as a “high priority.” Expect telematics, track and trace, and monitoring to rise in popularity.
  • 20% to 25% is the range in which most mid-sized businesses are willing to spend on innovation, while large companies fall in the 10% to 20% range.
  • 41% say predictive analytics are a “priority,” and 28% say they’re a “high priority.” This signals the rise of advanced analytics and the importance of the data these solutions rely on.
  • 21% say that innovative technologies like robotics and automation are a “high priority,” with another 34% saying they’re a “priority,” indicating a rising trend in the industry.

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