PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT | Tracking Solutions

  • HasciSE Backhand Scanner: This lightweight wearable device from ACD Group integrates a 2D scanner into the housing. Supporting fast product tracking, the configurable infrared proximity sensor, scan button, and hand strap finger switch trigger the scanning function. The scanner can be combined with mobile workstations for easy asset tracking throughout warehouses.
  • CL6NX Plus: This thermal printer from SATO can print text and barcodes on ultra-high frequency tags/labels and encode data in their embedded chips at the same time. It can check RFID chips prior to encoding to verify their readiness to use and prevent failures in product tracking. Compatible with specialty RFID labels/tags, it supports the encoding of tags used with metals.
  • Ferrowave Flag: The new RFID on-metal label from Confidex has a read range of approximately 30 feet to support item-level asset and part tracking. It can be easily attached to challenging metallic parts and is suitable for automotive parts tracking. While it works on all surfaces, the label is optimized for metal and can adhere to curved surfaces.

  • Tive Solo 5G Non Lithium-Ion Tracker: The non-lithium GPS tracker provides real-time visibility into the location, temperature, humidity, shock, and light of goods in transit, at the item level, from end to end. The Tive Solo 5G can be used as a single-use tracker, making it suitable for last-mile deliveries where collecting and returning trackers pose a challenge. Tive’s software detects when shipment segments start and stop, enabling detailed insights and analysis.
  • LT Series Mobile Powered Laptop Cart: Designed for asset tracking, on-demand label printing/scanning, cycle counting, and other warehouse applications, the new cart from Newcastle Systems increases worker productivity by eliminating walking back and forth to and from a laptop or printer. With a compact footprint—20.5 inches wide and deep—it lets workers navigate narrow aisles and tight spaces.
  • INFINITE App: The new INFINITE iOS application from blockchain-powered SUKU uses a discrete NFC tag that is designed to remain concealed inside a sneaker’s toe to provide a tamper-proof digital authenticity title. It functions as a physical-to-digital bridge, linked to a digital title based on enterprise-grade distributed ledger Hedera Hashgraph that enables secure ownership transfers, authenticity record lookup, and lost/stolen product reporting.
  • Globe Tracker: This low-cost, recyclable tag can be used to monitor pallets and cargo as they travel inside logistics assets across the globe. Integrating the LoRaWAN protocol, the in-cargo sensor tag uses a proprietary geospatial algorithm to effectively "roam" globally while remaining compliant with local regulatory agencies. IoT tracking solutions provider Globe Tracker, battery technology company Neosen Energy, and semiconductor supplier Semtech developed the asset tag.
  • RTLS Planner: To streamline the inventory planning process, the real-time location system (RTLS) planner software from Sewio Networks lets enterprises design a scalable IoT indoor tracking project. RTLS Planner helps to streamline and optimize the design of RTLS projects by instantly finding the best location for ultra-wideband anchors—the location signal receivers. This ensures the needed accuracy and reliability while keeping project costs low.

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