Cross-border Trade

Bill Michels

Tariffs: Is it Time to Rethink What Goes Where?

Did you think the U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods were temporary bargaining chips to get concessions from China? Now that essentially every item imported from China is subject to tariffs, are you thinking again? As the U.S.-China trade war shows little sign of ending, supply chain managers have to find new ways to keep costs […]

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Avoiding the Trade War Squeeze

As trade volatility between the United States and China escalates, shippers find few options for avoiding a painful squeeze. While some are shifting production to other nations in the region, others find those countries are less than ready to handle the spike. In the thick of peak season preparations, here are some ways to ensure […]

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USMCA’s Impact on the Industrial Truck Industry

The United States Mexico Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA) is critical to ensuring a robust North American economy. The agreement, signed by the respective country’s presidents on November 30, 2018, modernizes and enhances trade relations between the three countries and is now pending ratification by each country’s legislature. Passage is crucial to maintaining a healthy U.S. […]

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Rick Brumett

Don’t Gamble With Trade Compliance

Recent trends in tariffs, enforcement, and e-commerce shipping complicate the international trade landscape. To avoid significant fines, businesses must learn to dot every i and cross every t in the compliance process. Even existing allowances and privileges are being threatened, challenged, or taken away from shippers who violate trade regulations, creating an immediate threat to profitability.

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