5 Tips for Evaluating Logistics Service Providers

During the last decade, companies have increased their spend with outsourced logistics service providers in the United States. This increased spending and continued growth in the logistics services industry have led to continuous improvement within the field, and also rising consumer expectations. As a business owner looking to select a best-fit provider for your company, […]

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Keith Biondo

What Can 3PLs Do?

Can third-party logistics (3PL) providers bring chaos to order? Or order to chaos? For starters, they can help you wrangle and bring some order to the current COVID-caused confusion in your logistics process. We’ve been reporting on how logistics partners can help you solve complicated business challenges and leverage opportunities long before “3PL” was a […]

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Matt Tiedens

Setting Up a Successful RFP

Managing a Request for Proposal (RFP) process can be daunting. Prequalify respondents, then keep things focused for the best results. Q: How do I extend invitations to the most qualified providers? A: The most qualified providers will reveal themselves through a Request for Information (RFI) process or reference. Preceding the Request for Proposal with an […]

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Thomas Griffin

Finding the Right 3PL Partner Delivers Key Benefits

Q: How important is it to find a good 3PL in today’s transportation marketplace? A: Today, finding a good 3PL company to partner with is more important than ever. Supply chains have been dramatically impacted by the pandemic and businesses need a partner who is both nimble enough to make the proper adjustments on the […]

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2020 Top 100 3PLs

When companies put out the call for reliable and innovative supply chain and logistics solutions, these are the partners who save the day. Presented in alphabetical order, here are the 100 3PLs Inbound Logistics editors deem the best of the best.

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