Keith Biondo

Build Your Driver-Friendly Brand

Companies spend tons of money building brand equity, but sometimes risk having it washed away in a flood of bad reviews on social media sites such as Yelp. The same thing can happen to shippers when they are evaluated by drivers serving their facilities. Drivers have always shared their experiences; some may even have reviewed […]

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Jim Syfan

A National Standard for Hiring ‘Safe’ Motor Carriers

Q: Is there confusion over what constitutes a safe carrier when screening and contracting for shipments? A: Most definitely. Unfortunately, the courts are deciding safety standards for carriers, and their opinions vary widely from state to state. This puts contractors—shippers, brokers, forwarders, and receivers—in an awkward position, particularly when something goes wrong, such as a […]

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Trends—August 2014

Trends—August 2014

Speed Reading: The Same-Day Book Delivery Race is On Amazon had no sooner expanded same-day delivery for select products in six new cities—Baltimore, Dallas, Indianapolis, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.—than Google and Barnes & Noble teamed up to deliver books with similar speed. Using Google Shopping Express, bibliophiles in the Big Apple, west Los […]

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Felecia Stratton

3PL Evolution Continues

For better or for worse, I have been the editor of Inbound Logistics for nearly 25 years—before the term third-party logistics, or 3PL, even existed. That means I spent about two decades (gulp!) watching the evolution of the third-party logistics sector, and all the different types of companies providing value-added logistics solutions. It has been […]

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Paul Thompson

The Evolution of Enterprise Logistics

Utilizing new technologies and sophisticated business intelligence tools, leading-edge companies are transforming their supply chains and their enterprises through data science. The journey from simple execution-based transportation management to predictive, strategic planning—powered by analytics—has accelerated with a new emphasis on supply chain engineering, LEAN consulting and Big Data solutions. While precise in process, the co-managed […]

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Eric Meister

SaaS TMS Facilitates Carrier Management

Q: How can shippers navigate today’s tight capacity market? A: For companies to have the assurance of consistent, competitively priced, service-oriented capacity through the ups and downs of the transportation marketplace, being a shipper of choice is imperative. Here are a few tips to get started: Go beyond rates. Best practice suggests taking a multi-tiered […]

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Tim Minnich

Supply Chain Relationship Management

In a world where trucking capacity becomes constrained, relationships matter. Managing those relationships strategically versus tactically can make a huge difference in the viability and reliability of each company’s supply chain. The first ingredient to successful supply chain relationship management is having the ability to measure a supply chain partner’s performance. The next is possessing […]

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Tapping Social Media to Power Your Supply Chain

Social media provides a platform for companies to share knowledge and opinions, and broadcast information to an audience of followers. It also generates valuable data about how your customers think, shop, vote, and spend their leisure time. Many companies have jumped into social media to improve supply chain operations. Cindi Hane, vice president of technical […]

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Sean Coakley

Laying the Foundation For a Long-Term 3PL Partnership

Many companies start working with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider to fix an isolated problem at the lowest possible cost. Unfortunately, these relationships are often short-lived and serve only to fill an operational gap. But thoughtfully planned 3PL partnerships can produce invaluable results using a long-term approach that focuses on sustainable operational gains, rather than […]

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George Kontoravdis, PhD

The Fundamentals of Successful Value Chain Partnerships

Q: How can value chain partners cooperate to create and share efficiencies? A: With an unprecedented global reach, access to new markets, increased regulation, and huge advances in technology, today’s supply chain environment is more complex than ever. Coupled with increasing customer demands for speed, flexibility, cost efficiency, quality, and customization, it is very difficult […]

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