Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Supply Chain Movers and Do-Gooders: Companies Step Up in Response to the Pandemic

Companies in the logistics space are responding to the crisis by providing free goods and services: Pierbridge offers a free one-year subscription to Transtream Home Office, its cloud-based multicarrier management solution, to help companies equip employees with enterprise-level shipping capabilities from their home offices. Scandit created a contactless proof of delivery web app using its […]

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Chuck Papa

Software-as-a-Service or Outsourced Managed Services: Which is Right for Your Organization? – Transplace

When it comes to managing transportation operations, shippers are often at a crossroads. They may find themselves asking the questions: Should I implement a transportation management system (TMS) in-house or via software-as-a-service (SaaS)? Should I outsource everything to a Managed Transportation Services (MTS) provider? Or take a hybrid approach? Not all companies’ core competencies are […]

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Supply Chain Commentary: Boost Productivity, Efficiency, and Security in Your Warehouse

Smoothly running logistics—a key factor in successful warehouse operations—depends on a three-legged stool of productivity, efficiency, and secure operations. Today, software underpins many warehouse functions, giving leaders a new source of productivity and efficiency insights—and a new concern for corporate security. Measuring and Optimizing Productivity Optimizing labor productivity is the number one goal within warehouse […]

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Is Supply Chain Planning Right for the Cloud?

The explosive growth of data that today’s supply chain teams must manage creates challenges even for the most seasoned professionals. Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors need agile systems that help manage and simplify complexity. However, one of the biggest hurdles today’s organizations face is gaining executive approval to implement an advanced supply chain planning system. Is […]

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The Ins and Outs of Deploying Mobile Devices Across the Supply Chain

How do you use mobile devices and apps in your distribution center or warehouse? What costs do you incur? Does your entire organization use mobile technology properly and securely? Is your voice-picking system up and running at all times? IT and line-of-business managers have a hard time getting answers to these and many other mobility […]

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The Key to Lasting Supply Chain Innovation: Get Real

Managing a business for sustained growth often means finding and implementing innovative solutions to the challenges of complex supply chain logistics. Yet, when it comes to achieving lasting, repeatable innovation, it’s the real-world solutions that win out time and time again in leading logistics facilities. In his book Moneyball, Michael Lewis detailed how an analytical, […]

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