Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

Michael Dieter

Next-Generation TMS Can Move Your Organization Into the Future – Transplace

In the ever-evolving world of drones, autonomous and electric vehicles, and a myriad of other emerging technologies, it’s important for organizations to still keep management in mind. While new technology is thrilling and can provide enhanced supply chain efficiency, lower a company’s carbon footprint and provide meaningful, actionable business intelligence, proper management of that new […]

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Investing in the Right Transportation Management System

The demand for transportation management systems (TMS) is on the rise. A basic solution manages truck and carrier dispatch, fleet maintenance, driver records, billing and driver pay, and DOT compliance. Additionally, a TMS streamlines operations by optimizing carrier routes, managing customer activity, and reporting analytics. Joe Couto, chief operating officer at HighJump, outlines factors to […]

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Supply Chain Commentary: Managing the Coming ELD Capacity Crisis

A capacity crunch, caused by the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate effective Dec. 18, 2017, is predicted by experts in logistics management, 3PLs, and truckers themselves. Only the magnitude of the shortage is challenged among experts. Some say it will be manageable, but at what cost? facts to remember Larger fleets adopting ELDs had a […]

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Stay Competitive with a Flexible TMS

Lean principles, when used in conjunction with a transportation management system (TMS), can deliver lower transportation costs, reduced inventory levels, and progress toward business goals. New technology is emerging to further improve the efficiency of transportation systems. You must manage and properly control—with complete visibility and great communication between partners—the transportation systems that connect your […]

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3 Ways Your 3PL Can Help You Overcome E-commerce Challenges

To meet consumer demands, e-commerce requires adaptable and flexible supply chains, no matter how short the lead time. Companies can support this fast-moving supply chain by leveraging a collaborative 3PL relationship. By collaborating with a knowledgeable third-party logistics (3PL) provider, shippers can add both scale and visibility to their supply chain. With greater control, companies […]

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Ian Tsai

Today’s Options in Technology To Improve Your Transportation Program – KDL

Q: What have been the technology changes in transportation? A: As we have seen in other industries like Netflix with entertainment content or Airbnb with hospitality, we are also seeing innovative technology, i.e. Uber Freight, trying to disrupt the transportation industry. All of these technology advancements benefit everyone that is in our industry. For a […]

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5 Ways Your TMS Can Help You Go Green

Some of the most common reasons to implement a Transportation Management System (TMS) include automation, visibility, and optimization, all of which can lead to reduced costs and greater efficiency. However, a TMS also has the ability to help you be more environmentally responsible. Sustainability matters to businesses and individuals—both in terms of what they buy […]

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Why Supply Chain Visibility Is Vital to Company Success

If you manage or help coordinate a logistics operation, you likely wear many hats throughout the workweek to keep things running smoothly. Your role might require you to keep track of an inventory, confer with carriers, optimize shipping methods and routes, monitor performance reports and activity, and apply management skills to move efficiencies into action. […]

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Supply Chain Commentary:
5 Ways Shippers Can Go Green

I’ve been in the custom shipping and transport case business for decades. Because my team isn’t limited to working with any one industry segment, we’re able to observe subtle industry fluctuations, trends, and movements—everything from changes in the popularity of certain shipping materials to the types of things being shipped most often. Lately we’ve noticed […]

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