Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

Thomas Griffin

Integrated TMS Platform Provides Supply Chain Benefits – DLS Worldwide

Q: What are the benefits of IT integration for shippers and customers? A: Customers are looking for the fastest, most accurate, economical, and timely way to quote freight for their own customers. They want a system that is simple to use and doesn’t require making calls, visiting other websites, or getting inaccurate information. With an […]

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Brad Hollister

Move Beyond Traditional Label Maker TMS or Surrender to Amazon’s Profit Squeeze – SwanLeap

The challenge: Amazon has synchronized and integrated their supply chain to deliver products to customers when they want, how they want, and at the pricing they prefer. By controlling their own inbound and outbound deliveries (air, land and sea) and connecting all of the pieces in the digital supply chain together, the e-commerce giant is […]

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Supply Chain Productivity Boosters: Three Technologies Making Maximum Impact

In today’s perpetually advancing and highly competitive modern marketplace, it is vital for businesses to stay ahead of the industry and maintain an edge, starting by reviewing current processes and identifying what can be automated or require less time, labor, and costs by utilizing technology. Embracing new technological trends will streamline workflow and optimize productivity […]

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