Use Repeatable Best Practices and Experience Exponential Growth

Use Repeatable Best Practices and Experience Exponential Growth

Brilliant Fulfillment stopped juggling spreadsheets and used WMS automation to grow order volume by 175% in just one year.

The Challenge

Maintaining efficient operations is crucial for third-party logistics (3PL) warehouses, especially for warehouses focused on growing e-commerce fulfillment. The need to use repeatable and scalable best practices is a must for warehouse owners looking to grow their 3PL business, as was the case for Brilliant Fulfillment.

Starting with a 1,000-square-foot warehouse serving the health and beauty industry, Brilliant Fulfillment managed their warehouse using spreadsheets and single-point software systems. These manual processes did not offer them the opportunity to streamline operations, see where they could cut costs, or how they could improve efficiency and save time.

If Brilliant Fulfillment, fondly abbreviated as “BFF,” wanted to continue to grow, they needed to move from paper and Excel to automation with a warehouse management system (WMS).

The Solution

One year after implementing 3PL Warehouse Manager WMS, Brilliant Fulfillment increased order volume by 175%. By the next year, order volume increased another 141%. To date, Brilliant Fulfillment’s order volume grew by 8x from their first year using warehouse automation.

Using a WMS also helped Brilliant offer a multitude of value-added services such as e-commerce connectivity, EDI capabilities, kitting and assembly, triple-checked quality control, real-time inventory, real-time tracking, and reports.

These offerings, delivered through best-practice workflows built directly into the WMS, have helped Brilliant Fulfillment attract and retain their customers.

In addition to the enhanced operational functionality, more than 90% of their customers use the self-service customer portal built directly into 3PL Warehouse Manager. This helps free up warehouse team members’ time since customers can run their own inventory reports, view order statuses, and input their own orders.

Overall, the high level of service and visibility attracted more new business for Brilliant Fulfillment.

“We would struggle to win business without these real-time tools,” said Nancy Henger, founder and CEO of Brilliant Fulfillment. “Our competitors are still doing fulfillment the old-fashioned way. I’m glad that we can set a standard as industry leaders in our market.”

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