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Using the Power of Data Analytics to Accelerate Digitalization Across the Supply Chain

Listed in: Data Analytics, Data Management

This episode of the DHL Supply Chain All Business. No Boundaries.™ podcast features a conversation with Brian Gaunt, Senior Director of Accelerated Digitalization, DHL Supply Chain North America, and Steven Grover, Director of Data and Analytics, DHL Supply Chain. In this episode, recorded at the 2021 CSCMP Edge conference, Brian and Steven discuss the front-runners of accelerating digitalization, from collaborative robots to software-based automation.

The Definitive Guide to High-Capacity Autonomous Mobile Robots

Listed in: Materials Handling, Robotics

Autonomous mobile robots, such as self-driving fork trucks, pallet trucks, and tuggers, are now a key tool for materials handling in manufacturing and warehousing facilities. Explore the benefits of adopting autonomous equipment, common applications, and workflow examples in this free whitepaper.

Sustainability & Building a Green Supply Chain

Listed in: Sustainability, Trucking

In the United States alone, transportation emits 1.9 billion tons of carbon every year on average, and about 23% of these emissions come from medium- and heavy-duty freight trucks. With continued expansion of global markets, many scientists believe freight-trucking emissions could skyrocket in the coming years. Learn how companies like C.L. Services actively work to reduce emissions and build a more sustainable future. Download this e-book to take control of your supply chain.

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JoAnn Stores Case Study

Listed in: Freight Payment, Audit & Billing

JoAnn Stores had miles of fabric and millions of buttons, and with that came nearly as many shipping challenges. With 5,000 ocean container shipments annually from Asia and the Middle East, the craft retailer was in urgent need of a smart, automated prepayment audit solution. Read how Acuitive’s portal helped provide a transparent and accurate ocean freight audit function with seamless utility and appearance.

Also from Acuitive Solutions:

Solving for Uncertainty: A Guide to Variable Transportation Budgets

Listed in: Transportation & Freight Management, Trucking, Trucking-TL

Procuring truckload capacity is unique compared to other commodities, and the recent spikes in truckload shipping costs have brought extra attention to budgets and operations. Given all the uncertainties that still exist in the marketplace, how can you successfully plan and execute on a transportation budget? Download the eBook to find strategies for balancing predictability and flexibility in your transportation spending.

Also from DAT Freight & Analytics:
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Delivering Pharma Products by Eliminating Temperature Excursions

Listed in: Cold Chain Logistics, Visibility

Without real-time visibility into your pharma shipment's location and temps, you risk costly failures. Learn how Tive's notification system prevented one company from losing $500,000 worth of goods

10 Tips to Enhance the Value of Your Transportation Management System

Listed in: Logistics IT, TMS, Transportation & Freight Management

Sustainability strategies and technologies have evolved to the point where well-executed initiatives are having a positive impact on both the environment and on the bottom line. Here are a few strategies to consider, depending on your industry and needs.

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7 Best Applications for Robotic Lift Trucks

Listed in: Lift Trucks / Forklifts, Robotics

Robotic lift trucks are increasingly popular, but where do they fit in your operation? You need a solution to address challenges finding and retaining employees, and robotics are capable of handling a wide range of vertical storage and horizontal transportation tasks. The challenge is translating those capabilities to your operation. This whitepaper covers the seven best workflows for robotic lift trucks.

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