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Holiday Fulfillment: Peak Season Survival Guide

Listed in:

Holiday 2022 is just around the corner. Are you prepared for a record year? If you need to fine-tune order fulfillment operations before you deck the halls, check out our Peak Season Survival Guide. You’ll learn useful tips from fulfillment experts on solution design, inventory management, information systems, labor management, parcel shipping, reverse logistics, and more.

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9 Steps to Boost Your Shipping Performance

Listed in:

Don't get left behind. Now more than ever, retailers have to up their shipping game to keep up with the competition. Shoppers expect a smooth online shopping experience, and to make that happen businesses need to have an effective (and affordable) shipping ecosystem in place.

The Spring Shipping Surge's Far-Reaching Market Impacts [WEBINAR]

Listed in:

If you're a Shipper that wants to navigate the rate, volume and market shifts of the spring season better, this is a definitive live event you won't want to miss. Hosted in partnership with DAT iQ - this is a must-attend, 1-hour webinar: The Spring Shipping Surge's Far-Reaching Market Impacts - June 1 at 1:00pm EST. REGISTER NOW!

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2022 Warehousing Vision Study

Listed in:

The pandemic disruptions to the global supply chain will linger for years. Some experts say it will never return to normal. Bar Code Direct is a Leader in mobility solutions for supply chain Logistics. With our partner Zebra, we have conducted an extensive study to gather best practices for the best way to adapt and succeed in this new reality.

Bridging the LTL Expertise Gap: Online Learning Evolves

Listed in: Education, Trucking-LTL

Sometimes it takes a commercial business to step back and identify a need for educational resources. For those beginning a career in freight management, there exists a dozen or more respected logistics or supply chain management educational courses. But, there has been a notable gap in LTL educational resources to bring newcomers up to a competitive level of excellence or enable industry veterans to expand their knowledge base.

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Wide World of eCommerce Fulfillment for 3PLs

Listed in: 3PL, E-Commerce, Fulfillment/eFulfillment

eCommerce fulfillment–everybody is doing it! If you’re a 3PL and not already doing high-volume fulfillment, you likely will be soon. The pandemic has accelerated an already fast-growing segment of the industry. Omni-channel fulfillment is here to stay. This FREE eBook provides an overview of the concepts, terminology, and operational guidelines that 3PL warehouse operators should be considering for a successful fulfillment operation.

Port Congestion Shines Light on Visibility Gaps

Listed in:

Port congestion is a standout topic in current conversations surrounding logistics and the supply chain. With consumer demand and e-commerce at an all-time high, huge spikes in U.S. imports have led to severe backups that have hobbled many companies utilizing West Coast ports. This report, built from extensive survey data from a myriad of shippers and logistics providers, shines light on visibility gaps that have contributed to the current crisis of port congestion.

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Inefficiency — Not Just the Labor Shortage — is Breaking Supply Chains

Listed in: Supply Chain Mgmt/Optimization

Driver shortages and port congestion are taking center stage amid news reports of supply chain challenges. However, new research from Flock Freight® and Drive Research reveals inefficiency plays a major role in supply chain disruptions. Want to be the first to see all the study’s notable findings? Download the guide, “Inefficiency – not just the labor shortage – is breaking supply chains,” to uncover exclusive insights into the obstacles hundreds of shippers face due to inefficiency within traditional freight modes.

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January 2022

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2022 Logistics Planner Cover

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2022 Logistics Planner

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Top 100 3PL Providers Cover

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Readers’ Choice: Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards Cover

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Readers’ Choice: Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards

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3PL Perspectives 2021 Cover

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