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Why Did My Hazmat Shipment Get Rejected?

Listed in: HazMat

If a carrier rejects your hazardous materials shipment, your team must spend valuable time re-packaging, re-labeling, re-writing paperwork, or otherwise correcting mistakes big and small. Held-up and rejected shipments disrupt logistics, stall your operations, and can severely impact the bottom line. To prevent rejection and the bad outcomes that follow, let’s review some common causes of hazmat rejection and spot red flags before they cause an issue.

Also from Lion Technology:

Omni-Channel Logistics Leaders: Top 5 Inventory Insights for 2018

Listed in: E-Commerce, Retail Logistics

Does your omni-channel measure up? A new study on omni-channel inventory management revealed the top challenges facing retailers and manufacturers and best practices that industry leaders use to optimize their supply chains. Read “Omni-Channel Logistics Leaders: Top 5 Inventory Insights for 2018” to learn how you can Elevate Your Omni.

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7 Secrets to Fully Monetize 3PL Services

Listed in: 3PL

For many 3PLs, managing multiple clients with unique needs, varying contract rates, different contract rules, and last-minute changes means manual processes and Excel spreadsheets can no longer keep up. The time is now for improved organization, efficiency, and transparency in billing.

4 Signs It’s Time For a New WMS

Listed in: Logistics IT, Warehousing, WMS

Whether your warehouse is just getting by with paper or spreadsheets, or you’re already considering making a change, how do you really know when it’s time for a new WMS? Read the white paper from Snapfulfil to learn four key signs it may be time to upgrade to the next generation of warehouse management systems.

Enhancing Container Visibility

Listed in: 3PL, Supply Chain Visibility, Transportation

To increase savings, business leaders must concentrate on the total cost of the supply chain, rather than just transportation prices. The right company acts like a business partner and takes into consideration transportation, operations and inventory costs to help a network operate more efficiently. What is your transportation and logistics provider doing for you? What should they be doing?

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Forward Thinking on Reverse Logistics

Listed in: Reverse Logistics

With more consumers buying online, managing returns becomes a challenge. And returns of large, bulky items are even more complex. End those headaches by letting DM Transportation handle those large parcel returns that FedEx or UPS won’t touch. DM can pick up from the consumer’s room of choice or curbside, or even break down and pack the item. What distinguishes DM from its competition is attentive customer service – DM contacts the consumer within 24 hours of the return order, and picks up within 48. Once it completes the pickup, DM can donate or recycle the item locally, liquidate it, return it to the vendor, or send it back to the retailer. Check out this video today and get started on improving your reverse logistics program with DM Transportation.

The Logistics Transport Evolution: The Road Ahead

Listed in: Transportation, Trucking

Now more than ever, ground transportation is a strategic component of business success as seen by respondents to a worldwide survey conducted by DHL Supply Chain. Three quarters of companies surveyed indicated that investing in improving ground transportation will positively impact their sales, and they are willing to pay for and partner with 3PLs for value-added services that can show a measurable ROI.

How to Prepare Your 3PL for the Holidays

Listed in: 3PL, E-Commerce, Retail Logistics

The months leading up to the holiday season can be among the busiest times of year for your 3PL warehouse. Taking the time to ensure your operations are in good shape can provide you with the opportunity to prove how valuable you are to your customers when they need it most. This ebook outlines necessary key steps to optimizing the momentum of the holiday season, including: securing your customer connections, tuning up your e-commerce engines, stepping up your fulfillment game, and locking down your partner relationships. Download this free ebook to learn how your 3PL can get a jump-start on preparing for the holiday rush.

Also from 3PL Central:
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Why Monitor the Container Freight Market All Year Round?

Listed in: Ocean, Transportation

If you monitor the container freight market only in the RFP season, you’re doing it all wrong. Watch this webinar and learn what you should really focus on to instantly gain a competitive advantage. You’ll learn how to stay ahead of the market and not miss out on opportunities by monitoring the market only in the RFP period; how to make sure your cargo is not at risk of being short shipped; how to implement monitoring strategies, shown live on the Far East to North Europe trade lane; and how to derive useful and actionable information from real-time freight rate data.

5 Ways to Start Cutting Supply Chain Costs

Listed in: Logistics IT, Supply Chain Mgmt/Optimization, WMS

The ultimate challenge for companies trying to remain competitive in a fast-paced distribution environment is being able to meet skyrocketing customer demands while reducing costs. That's a tough ask, and often a seemingly insurmountable task. These heightened expectations may have you wondering: What do my competitors know about keeping supply chain costs down that I don’t? Find out by downloading this new guide. Learn five tried-and-true ways to cut your supply chain costs, and how the right warehouse management system can help you get started on the path to greater efficiency. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you can do with the right technology and the right mindset.

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