Distribution Technology

Tom Miralia

Tom Miralia

President & CEO

We pride ourselves in offering each customer a unique, unparalleled client experience that sets the industry standard in reliability, accuracy, and dependability. Our goal is to develop robust, long-term relationships with each customer to improve and enhance their business processes—ensuring success and exceeding expectations every single day.

Distribution Technology

For over 50 years, Distribution Technology has been the trusted partner for businesses worldwide seeking to enhance their global product distribution. We maintain an unwavering commitment to precision, efficiency, and exceptional service. Our dedicated team of 425 professionals employ cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes to help clients control distribution costs, accelerate time to market, and elevate multi-channel shopping experiences.

Industries We Serve:

  • Mass Retail
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Industrial Materials and Products
  • eCommerce Fulfillment
  • General Merchandise
  • Building Materials
  • Paper Products
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Specialty Grocery, Beverage, Confections

Our Comprehensive Solutions Include

Warehousing. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer secure, temperature-controlled, food-grade storage with specialized areas for chemicals and hazardous materials.

Transportation Management. Expert freight consolidation yields cost savings, heightened efficiency, and added value.

Manufacturing Support. We synchronize the flow of raw materials and work-in-progress, providing flexible warehousing solutions while minimizing overhead.

Imports. Decades of experience enable us to optimize container floor loads weekly, offering capacity flexibility.

Direct Rail Access. Our strategically located facilities provide direct Norfolk SouthernRailroad access, streamlining transloading operations.

Rooted in our dedication to quality service and pioneering industry advancements, Distribution Technology has thrived by cultivating meaningful relationships with our community and customers. Our core values of teamwork, quality, reliability, and flexibility are the guiding principles shaping our future. These values lay the foundation of trust, drive results, celebrate achievements, and ensure adaptability.

Teamwork fosters collaboration, quality is our unwavering promise, reliability is our hallmark, and flexibility is our response to evolving logistics needs. With these values, we excel in serving customers with consistency, delivering unparalleled solutions, and building lasting trust among our partners.

Distribution Technology takes pride in our half-century legacy of excellence, continuously striving to provide superior distribution solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the global marketplace.

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Distribution Technology
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