Evergreen Line

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For 50 years and beyond, Evergreen Group has
relentlessly explored more
possibilities, building a
comprehensive network at sea,
on land and in the air.

Our pursuit of service
excellence leads us to
navigate our way to every
corner of the world, enriching
people’s lives and creating
a better future.

Evergreen Line

Composed of the six shipping companies of the Evergreen Group, Evergreen Line is one of the world’s largest container carriers, offering a capacity of approximately 1,480,000 TEU.

‘Evergreen Line’ refers to Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taiwan) Ltd., Italia Marittima S.p.A., Evergreen Marine (UK) Ltd., Evergreen Marine (Hong Kong) Ltd., Evergreen Marine (Singapore) Pte Ltd. and Evergreen Marine (Asia) Ptd Ltd. Evergreen Line was established and has grown in response to the requests and expectations of global customers.

Evergreen itself services 151 trade lanes weekly, with 206 vessels calling 252 terminals globally. As part of the East/West Trade OCEAN Alliance, Evergreen has the ability to provide cargo space on 359 vessels to 87 ports with 374 port calls per week. The company’s global network offers 313 offices and agents located in 113 countries around the world.

The carrier has been certified by the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) since 2002. Since May 2004, all vessels operated by Evergreen are certified by the International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS) for compliance. Evergreen’s E-Commerce capabilities—considered among the most up-to-date in the industry—have been recognized by numerous groups and have been honored for excellence for four consecutive years by Log-Net, which gathers information from carrier users.

To further enhance service quality and competitiveness, Evergreen maintains its fleet renewal program as it continues to deploy vessels within the most suitable trades. Under this program, the company has deployed additional new vessels during 2021 and continues to move forward with its announced plans for fleet deployment, increasing capacity from 2020 levels by more than 30% through 2024 to a total of nearly 1,800,000 TEU.

Introducing this additional capacity allows Evergreen to continue the replacement of older tonnage currently in operation, optimizing the efficiency of its operating fleet and enhancing its competitiveness within services. While building and upgrading its fleet, Evergreen Line intends to maintain each of the services it currently operates and will develop within new trades to meet the needs of its worldwide customer base.

Evergreen recognizes its obligation to conduct affairs constructively as a corporate citizen and has established an occupational Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Management System for its container ships and shore-based personnel.
The company is committed to being a responsible steward of our surroundings and its S-type Green Ships are outfitted with numerous features specifically designed to protect our environmental treasures. Evergreen Marine Corp. previously raised its first Green Bonds initiative with proceeds specifically earmarked for improving energy efficiencies, preventing and controlling pollution and developing strategies for a sustainable environment worldwide.

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