Atlantic Container Line

Andrew J. Abbott

Andrew J. Abbott

President & CEO

Cargo capacity for ACL’s G4 vessels includes:

  • 420-ton quarter ramp
    enables load and discharge
    of oversized cargo
  • 28,900m2 for high/heavy
    roll on/roll off cargo
  • 1,300 vehicles
  • 3,800 TEU cellular
  • Unique container cell
    guide racking system

ACL Unique Services:

  • Most service options. Only carrier
    offering Container/RORO/
    Breakbulk/Vehicle Service

  • 12 Ports each week

  • ACL serves Gothenburg and Liverpool & one of the few carriers serving Baltimore & Halifax

  • One of the few carriers to call Liverpool with
    fast connections to Ireland & Scotland

Unique Capabilities:

  • Dedicated weekly container & RORO feeder to/from Ireland

  • Connections & easy access to interior France & Germany via 4 Continental ports

  • RORO connections to Helsinki

Atlantic Container Line

ACL is the only Atlantic carrier that can transport both containers and oversized cargo on the same ship.

Our Generation 4 fleet of five vessels service the transatlantic trade and are the first of their kind and the largest RORO/Containerships in the world. They are bigger, greener and more efficient than their predecessors. Container capacity is more than doubled at 3,800 TEUs, plus 28,900 square meters of RORO space and car capacity of 1,300+ vehicles. The RORO ramps are wider and shallower and the RORO decks are higher with fewer columns, enabling much easier loading and discharge of oversized cargo. Emissions per TEU are reduced by 65%.

ACL’s uniquely designed container cell-guides on deck allow the Company to extend its enviable 50-plus year record of ACL ships never losing a container over the side. All containers on deck are secured in a cell guide racking system—always secure and locked in place despite the weather on the North Atlantic.

ACL’s fleet dramatically improves the Company’s competitiveness on the North Atlantic and demonstrates to our customers that ACL’s Parent Company, the Grimaldi Group, continues to do things differently than all of its competitors. We employ unique ships, go to unique ports and carry cargo that others cannot carry.

Since 1967, ACL has been a specialized transatlantic carrier of containers, project and oversized cargo, heavy equipment and vehicles with the world’s largest combination G4 RORO/Containerships. The Company has offices throughout Europe and North America. ACL offers two transatlantic sailings each week and is also the North America Agent for Grimaldi for services between North America and West Africa and between North America and the Mediterranean. The Company also offers oversized cargo service between North America to the Middle East, Far East and Oceania.

ACL’s one of a kind CONRO vessels constantly enhances our cargo-carrying capabilities. Combined with Grimaldi’s ever-expanding service network, they enable ACL to provide even more services as a high-quality container and RORO operator for many years to come.

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Atlantic Container Line