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Jeff Pepperworth

Jeff Pepperworth

President & CEO

iGPS provides innovative, world-class supply chain solutions that promote environmental sustainability, improve automation, and create unmatched value for our customers, employees, partners, and investors.

iGPS: Moving the Market Forward Through Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions

At iGPS, sustainability and respect for our environment are central to our mission and core values. We are continuing to lead a paradigm shift in the pallet pooling business to our all-plastic, recyclable pallets with embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tags.

Our pallets are lighter, stronger, safer, and greener — better for your products, and better for our planet. Here are just some of the ways in which iGPS promotes sustainability for the supply chain:

  • STRONG & DURABLE — iGPS pallets are built with High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE), ensuring a long life. They are also edge-rackable, boasting a 2,800-lb. evenly distributed load capacity.
  • SAVES FUEL — Up to 35% lighter than typical multi-use wood pallets, our all-plastic pallets require less fuel and cost to transport.
  • REDUCES POLLUTION — By requiring less fuel for transport, our pallets reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • SAVES PRECIOUS RESOURCES —  100% recyclable. If a pallet is damaged it is molded into a new one, making its useful life indefinite.
  • REDUCES PRODUCT DAMAGE —  Our pallets’ near full-top deck coverage provides superior strength that reduces product damage and returned loads, adding efficiency to the supply chain.
  • IMPROVES WORKER SAFETY —  No protruding nails or splinters that endanger workers and damage equipment. Plus our pooled pallets’ lighter weight (50 lbs.) meets CBA and NIOSH standards, reducing the risk of workplace injuries.
  • ENHANCES HYGIENE — Unlike wood pallets, our pallets do not absorb liquids that lead to contamination, are impervious to insects, and require no toxic fumigation or other treatments.
  • ENABLES PRODUCT TRACKING —  Embedded RFID tags on all four sides provide supply chain transparency.
  • SIMPLER ADMINISTRATION — Our pallet tracking system eliminates cumbersome paperwork and needless labor costs.

Maximize the sustainability of your supply chain while reducing your total cost of business. Call 866-806-2672 today to get started!


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