Denis Reilly

Denis Reilly

President & CEO

“What I like about Kenco is that you are big enough to handle our business and everything we throw at you, but you are small enough that we are important to you.”

– Customer Testimonial



Kenco provides integrated logistics solutions that include distribution and e-commerce fulfillment, comprehensive transportation management services, material handling equipment solutions, engineering and innovative consulting, and information technology—all engineered for operational excellence.

For over 70 years, we’ve built customer relationships that span decades. We take our corporate responsibility seriously by engaging in ethical, honest, and sustainable business practices. Our agility, dedication to customers, and data-driven approach ensure we provide our partners with real solutions and real results.

Expertise in Core Vertical Markets

Kenco serves customers across a wide range of sizes, types, and channels, from industrial and durable and fast-moving consumer goods to health and personal care. With decades of experience serving these markets, Kenco has a clear understanding of the pain points and unique operational requirements of each sector, empowering our customers to excel in their respective industry segments.

Leading with Innovation

Since we signed our first public warehousing contract in 1950, Kenco has been a pioneer in researching, developing, and deploying technologies that drive results. As the creator of the Kenco Innovation Lab, an industry leading program to test new technologies, the company continues to help customers choose not just the latest offerings but the best technologies for their specific supply chain needs.

In 2019, we expanded the Kenco Innovation Lab to include a research facility in 10,000 square feet of space in a working warehouse. Within the first year, our team of specialists identified $5 million in savings for customers through a wide variety of solutions. This ability to evaluate products in the environments in which they will be used continues to empower us to better meet the needs of our customers.

Our Associates Are Our Foundation

At Kenco, our greatest and most valued asset is our associates. Their commitment and dedication have earned positive reviews from customers, especially during challenging times. We’ll only continue to maintain these strict standards within our operations to protect the wellbeing of our team members while ensuring business continuity for our customers.

Building for the Future

Having just officially launched a Life Sciences Division, Kenco has positioned the company as a major supply chain logistics player for the healthcare sector.

Kenco’s team of experts work collaboratively with clients in the Medical Device, Eyecare and Pharmaceutical manufacturing industries to increase visibility and efficiency to help significantly improve patient experience.

Tim McClatchy, head of Life Sciences, will lead the new division as it brings supply chain transformation to a sector that has traditionally been slow to change.

“We want to provide the expertise for life sciences companies that are currently managing their own supply chain but have outgrown their internal resources,” said McClatchy. “The world is rapidly changing, with no sign of returning to pre-COVID practices, and that’s why Kenco is expanding to now include specific solutions for life sciences companies that also want to grow their business and meet today’s ever evolving supply chain needs.”

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