Logistics Plus Inc.

Jim Berlin

Jim Berlin

Founder & CEO


Yuriy Ostapyak

Our Solutions

  • Transportation and Freight Management
  • Freight Forwarding and Global Logistics
  • Warehousing, Fulfillment, and Installations
  • 3.5PL, 4PL, Supply Chain and Technology Solutions

Key Verticals:

  • Aerospace, Aviation, Chemicals, Energy/Solar, Financial Services, Furniture/Fixtures, Government, Manufacturing, Motorsports, Oil/Gas, Pharma/Healthcare, Retail, Yachts, and more!

People, Technology and Solutions

Logistics Plus, Inc. (LP) is a 21st Century Logistics Company™ and a global leader in transportation, warehousing, fulfillment, logistics, business intelligence, technology, and supply chain solutions. The company continues to adapt to a constantly changing world. LP says “yes” to any supply chain challenge. Combining its passionate workforce with world-class technology, it is nimble, creative, clever, and resourceful.

Continued Passion for Excellence

“Logistics is in our DNA,” says Jim Berlin. “When I founded Logistics Plus 27 years ago, I wanted LP to be the company with a passion for excellence and to put the ‘plus’ in logistics. We’ve always seen ourselves as a global solutions provider, and that continues to take us to newer and exciting directions.”

Some of those new directions include big investments in warehousing and fulfillment. LP has expanded warehousing operations in Southern California, Chicago, Cleveland, Charlotte, Dallas, and Phoenix. It now has nearly 7 million square feet in the U.S. alone, with additional locations worldwide.

Technology has also been a significant investment area as the company routinely develops custom TMS, WMS, and business intelligence (BI) solutions for its clients.

Global Growth for a Changing World

Outside of the U.S., Logistics Plus has been actively building its global footprint and capabilities while being one of Ukraine’s strongest advocates for support and rebuilding efforts.

In 2023, LP made good on that commitment by purchasing a Ukrainian-based freight forwarding and logistics company with offices in Kyiv and Odesa. It also expanded its neighboring Poland operations and opened a new warehouse there to support ongoing relief efforts in the region. The company now has over 100 employees across Ukraine and Poland alone.

“Logistics is critically important to rebuilding infrastructure in Ukraine,” says Yuriy Ostapyak, a Ukrainian-born U.S. citizen. “Our goal is to create a platform for U.S. and Western businesses to be able to invest and operate in Ukraine, now and after the war finally ends.”

Also, in 2023, LP acquired Jan Krediet, a leading European logistics service provider in the furniture, kitchens, project furnishing, forwarding, warehousing, and value-added services segments, with over 200 employees at offices and warehouses in the Netherlands.

In addition to its European expansion, with new offices in Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, and the U.K., LP has opened new offices or warehouses in Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

You can find all of LP’s people and locations at logisticsplus.com/directory.

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