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Jim Ritchie

Jim Ritchie

President & CEO

Experience is Everything
RedStone is a unique, third-party logistics company specializing in improving supply chain effectiveness and efficiencies. Founded by logistics industry veterans with over 100 years combined experience, RedStone has expertise in managing supply chains of all sizes and complexities.

Our services include:

• Small Package
• Air Cargo
• Truckload
• Intermodal
• Ocean
• Rail
• Expedited
• Final Mile

Custom Solutions
• Supply Chain Optimization
• Contract Logistics
• Transactional Services
• Consulting

RedStone Logistics

Change Your Perspective on Third-Party Logistics

To improve your supply chain performance, you need a partner that can examine every aspect of your business for opportunities to increase visibility, drive efficiency, and lower your costs.

Complete Logistics Services

RedStone Logistics creates value by focusing on discovery and data collection, process design and automation, strategic procurement, and continuous improvement. After we optimize your supply chain processes, our dedicated team ensures on-time delivery and pick-up of shipments and, when necessary, simplified claims management.

Reduce Your Supply Chain Costs and Much More

Many 3PLs can lower your rates, but that is the simplest part of the equation. To bring you more value, we place our focus on four keys to supply chain success:

  • Discovery & Data Collection
    We use data to initiate the improvement process. Applying our technology and expertise, we improve your visibility, real-time reporting, and information flow.
  • Process Design & Automation
    We work to automate routine processes and drive efficiencies to give your supply chain a competitive advantage.
  • Strategic Procurement to Maximize Pricing Efficiency
    Leveraging our procurement experience and buying power, we work with you to secure the best rate structures in the industry.
  • Continuous Improvement to Drive Savings Year-Over-Year
    Our review process and commitment to continuous improvement give you peace of mind, knowing that we have become an extension of your business.

Custom Solutions for Your Business

Our roots are in manufacturing, and we know that to be the best you must focus on innovation, productivity, and quality. Unfortunately, driving the same level of efficiency in your supply chain is too often overlooked. You’re the expert in manufacturing; we’re the experts in supply chain efficiency.

Consumer Packaged Goods Companies
It is easy to get overwhelmed as you try to anticipate the moves of your competitors, consumer buying trends, and emerging technologies. We can help with strategies that include digital innovations, omnichannel solutions, and other efficiencies to help you meet your financial goals.

As an individual distributor, your success depends on your ability to fulfill orders quickly, ship orders accurately, and stay within budget. RedStone can optimize your supply chain to improve your bottom line.

Benefit from Our Experience

RedStone was founded by logistics industry veterans with over 100 years combined experience working with many of the largest companies in the world.

Put the power of our experience to work for you.

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