Michael Heisman

Michael Heisman

Founder & CEO

Creating competitive advantages for our clients through innovative supply chain solutions.

Services Offered
Professional Services
  • Supply Chain Consulting
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • SC Engineering, Modeling & Design
  • Analytics & Visibility
  • LEAN
Supply Chain Operations
  • 3PL
  • Fleet & Yard Management
  • Inventory Consignment
  • Customized IT/Tech Solutions
  • Facility Decommission/Relocation
Fleet & Equipment
  • Small/Medium Private Fleets (NEW)
  • Equipment Leasing (NEW)


Tansect started when our first customer, a leader in the commercial washer/dryer and air machine industry, asked us to help support its 1,000+ truck multi-stop fleet.

Over time our scope expanded, and Tansect has delivered multiple solutions for this customer that have enhanced their distribution, significantly reduced their costs, helped optimize their fleet and delivery network, and improved the management of their parts inventories. Most importantly it became the foundation for Tansect’s business model.

For our clients, Tansect serves as an extension of their teams and offers services or expertise they currently do not have, or we expand their bandwidth during peak or critical periods.

Providing Customized Solutions

Every Tansect solution is customized for our clients and aims to provide them with an affordable competitive advantage through innovation. For every client, Tansect is committed to delivering the highest customer satisfaction.

Our Professional Services are offered on a project basis, or through long-term or dedicated resource contracts, which provide our customers with the best pricing.

Our Supply Chain Operations offer many of the traditional 3PL functions, site decommissioning, and facility relocation as well as revolutionary customized solutions, including affordable technology.

Tansect can also sell outdated/excess inventory that may have otherwise been scrapped under a consignment (revenue share) agreement.

New Offerings

Tansect’s newest offerings are its Fleet & Equipment solutions. In 2024, Tansect intends to pursue small to medium private fleet operations, particularly where existing fleets are not performing or meeting customer expectations.

Our equipment leasing options are expected to provide competitive bids that also allow our clients to avoid the extremely long lead times considered to be “the norm” of larger providers.

Tansect does not openly share our customer list in our marketing material, but we would be happy to provide client references. Contact us at [email protected] to discuss your needs in 2024, or please keep us in mind if you are conducting bids.

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