TransportGistics puts you in control with global products and services that provide market leading, simple, incremental solutions for transportation management and logistics functions within your supply chain.

Our cloud-based solutions enable you to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve processes
  • Identify hidden costs of transportation
  • Improve vendor compliance routing guide
  • Improve Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
  • Monitor vendor performance
  • Improve shipment visibility
  • Generate automatic, status-driven alerts
  • Monitor carrier performance with respect to time in transit, service failure, and billing
  • Enable collaboration
  • Source, procure and execute transportation services


Transportation Management and Logistics Solutions

TransportGistics is a global, multi-product and services company that provides market leading, simple, incremental solutions for transportation and logistics management. Our rich history in micro logistics solutions and macro logistics strategies is the fuel that drives our “simpler is better” model.

Our innovative, incremental strategy to assist and enable our customers to achieve cost-effective independence from legacy practices has been highly successful, resulting in double-digit cost savings, cost avoidance and rapid ROI.

Solutions should not be more complicated than the problems they are trying to solve!

Simpler is better, and that is the approach that we have taken with our cloud-based products and services. These easy-to-implement, easy-to-use solutions allow users to reduce costs and improve operations while managing discrete transportation and logistics management functions. Each solution can be deployed separately or in an integrated environment to meet requirements to improve business processes, reduce costs and enhance service offerings.

  • BLGen: Create and communicate transportation forms, including packing slips, carton labels, LTL and TL Bills of Lading.
  • FreightTracing: Provides complete shipment visibility, including alerts.
  • InsourceAudit: A freight bill management, shipment information, cost-control portal that enables users to manage and control pricing and performance, freight invoices, payment and information.
  • ProductReturns: Enables users to automatically generate return authorizations, route shipments via least-cost carriers, generate bar-coded Bills of Lading, and facilitates the receiving and accounts payable/receivable processes.
  • RoutingGuides: Enables streamlined and simplified production, maintenance, distribution, and compliance by eliminating the need to print, distribute and track receipt of new or updated Routing Guides.
  • TGIBid: TGIBid is a cloud-based shipment auction portal that allows your users to submit your shipments to your carrier partners and then award the carrier with the shipment that meets your criteria, (price, transit time, etc).
  • TGIRater: Cloud-based solution programmed with your negotiated carrier agreements. Community management allows for hierarchical access with easy management and usability. Company data can be pre-populated for ease of entry and improved data quality. Time in transit and leastcost carrier calculations are performed across your entire carrier base.

TransportGistics products address the inefficiencies in transportation management, reduce freight expense, simplify the functions to be executed, make transportation information immediately visible to all parties involved in the transaction process, improve communications, and increase productivity.

If you are interested in simplifying your complex logistics challenges, call us today at 631-567-4100, or visit us on the web at

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