Tri-National, Inc. (TNi)

Brad Colvin

Brad Colvin

Director of Business Development and Logistics

Mission Statement
Tri-National, Inc. (TNi) is a premier USMCA transportation and logistics provider with door to door delivery services spanning from Mexico to Detroit and into Ontario, Canada, with milk run capabilities covering 400 miles of the Southern Texas-Mexico border. TNi is highly regarded in the trucking industry for delivering the highest levels of safety, service and satisfaction to their professional drivers as well as to the customers they serve. With over 25 years of nearshoring and cross-border freight experience, TNi has the expertise, infrastructure and capacity to take your shipping operation to the next level.

Tri-National, Inc. (TNi)

Tri-National, Inc. is a North America cross-border and nearshoring freight specialist, with industry expertise spanning over 25 years. TNi’s primary strength is seamless cross-border transportation via service points in Mexico through the Texas border and throughout the Southeast and Midwest Corridor of the United States. Tri-National offers many shipping options including truckload, dedicated, warehousing/cross dock, cross-border shipping, just-in-time freight, third party logistics and transportation brokerage. TNi freight specializations include transportation parts, electronics, retail, food & beverage, and various industrial components. TNi Customers are offered satellite tracking and 24-hour 7 days a week bilingual support on all shipments.

Truckload & Dedicated

Tri-National has 14 convenient service centers throughout the USMCA Midwest and Southeast corridor of the United States. With over 1100 trucks and 4400 dry van trailers, TNi is poised to serve your shipping needs. TNi offers team and expedited service throughout the United States Southeast and Midwest corridor and daily milk run capabilities along the South Texas border.

Warehouse & Cross Dock Capabilities

TNi has multiple northbound consolidation centers on the Mexico/Texas border. Streamline and consolidate your freight at our consolidation and warehouse center in Laredo. Cross dock options are available in both Laredo and Pharr/McAllen.

Cross-Border Shipping

With over 25 years of expertise, TNi trailers are able to seamlessly cross the Mexico and Canada border with a 99% on-time track record. With a Laredo distribution center and terminals along the south Texas border, TNi is well-positioned to serve as a Mexico nearshoring partner. TNi boasts 14 service centers throughout the United States giving your operation the flexibility to move your freight northbound.

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